7 Clever Winter Car Care Tricks That Can Save You a Great Deal of Time and Trouble

Winter is often depressing for motorists since cold months can reveal the most serious problems with motoring. Changing the tires, washing the snow from the car before getting up, and defrosting the windows and windshieldsit’s not an exhaustive list of the challenges that winter driving may bring.

Bright Side Bright Side has compiled 7 easy winter car maintenance tricks and tips that will assist you in getting your vehicle ready for winter cold and snowy conditions.

Frozen doors

How can you stop car doors from closing in a frosty fashion? Using the common cooking oil in every supermarket will make you forget about this issue. Spray it on the rubber seals on your vehicle’s doors, and apply it with an old towel.

Foggy windows

How to fix the issue: When the windows fog up, an effective and quick solution to repair it is to rub the windows with a chalkboard eraser. This method will quickly clean a smudge-ridden window or windshield without a smudge in the wake.

What you can do to prevent it: Fill an old stocking or cloth bag with kitty litter, then put it in the back car’s seat. It will absorb water and stop fog from ever taking place.

A word of caution: Don’t leave open water bottles or other beverages in your vehicle overnight.

Icy windows

How to fix the issue: Mix vinegar with water (use the ratio 3:1) and then spray this solution on windows that have gotten icy to get rid of the windows.

How to avoid this: If you find the windows of your car are frozen, there’s an easy method to remove the ice quickly. With a spray bottle, combine 20 fl. oz. of ruby alcohol 6.7 1 oz. Water. Add one drop of dishwashing detergent. Spray the mix onto the windows with ice so that the ice melts.

Frosty side mirrors on the sides.

How to avoid ice on side mirrors, protect them overnight with plastic bags secured by rubber bands. If you remove the loads later in the day, you’ll notice that the mirrors are ice-free, and you don’t have to wash them!

If your vehicle is stuck in the snow, you’re not alone.

If your car isn’t covered in snow to your windows, unblocking it without assistance is simple.

How to fix the issue: If you drive your car during cold winter days, storing two bags of cat litter inside your car is an excellent idea. If your vehicle gets stuck in a slick of snow or ice, Sprinkle the litter with cat litter before the tires, and you’ll be out of your difficult situation quickly.

Another trick to help get your vehicle out of a snowbank is using floor mats. Remove the floor mats from the car and put them on the floor under the tires. This usually gives you enough traction to gain free.

Foggy or frozen headlights

How to avoid the problem: First, wash the headlights thoroughly, and let them dry. Then, apply a thin coat of wax. It’ll stop water and snow from building up on your lighting, which means you’ll be able to get anywhere you’re required to go without fear this winter. Additionally, the security will last for several weeks.

Frozen car lock

How to fix the issue: One easy way to repair the case of a problem with a frozen vehicle lock is by using a normal hand cleanser. The alcohol will break the ice, allowing you to open your vehicle. You need to apply a small amount of hand sanitiser on your key or in the keyhole and watch it work wonders.

It is also possible to use an old method to solve this issue. The car key is heated with an igniter or match and inserted into the lock. Be careful not to burn yourself.

How to stop the issue: To keep a car lock from freezing, spray some WD-40 into the keyhole. If you can perform this easy procedure before the cold winter days that winter arrives, you’ll be able to save yourself some money.