A priest was against women covering their hair: “There are single sisters who cannot present”

This the shepherd And the founder of Deeper Life Bible Church, Williams Kumuyi, made some shocking statements in the middle of one of his conferences, reprimanding his workers for forcing them to cover their hair before entering the compound. However, he also targeted women who ignored his beauty.

According to the man, women stopped going to church because of the embarrassing experience of being jostled by staff at the entrance. “Someone is coming to our church for the first time. And it turns out that she is a woman who does not cover her head. We ask a person to cover their head before entering”, the speaker began.

A priest who had died had a strange move before his organs were removed: “He is supposed to be dead”.

The story of a priest named Ryan Marlowe, who was declared dead by doctors on August 27, went viral, but a strange movement caught everyone’s attention.

“We do not know that one does not even know God. We confront her before she enters the church. We do not know whether he is born again or not. We don’t know if she doesn’t know how to pray or prophesy and we tell her to stay at the door. We delay her there and ask her to cover her head,” he continued.

And there are people who do not even allow those women to be saved, that those women understand the word of God and those women do not know how to pray, they are not prophesying.. But we put rules on her that she has to have this “handkerchief” now,” he shot. “If I were that person, I would ask myself what kind of church is this? If they treat me like an elementary school girl. , so that’s the last time I come to church,” she added.

A priest asked his faithful an uncomfortable question:

A priest asked his faithful an uncomfortable question: “Don’t I deserve Louis Vuitton for all of you?”

Some faithful of a church in Kansas City in the United States were reprimanded by their pastor who belittled them for not giving them luxury gifts. “Don’t I deserve Louis Vuitton for all of you?” His spirit guide told him.

She then commented that many women have become unattractive to their husbands because of the amount of time they wear the headscarf: “There are some women who are unattractive to their husbands. Some believe that since they are married, they are no longer obligated to look good in front of their husbands. There are single sisters who are not represented

If I don’t tell them, maybe no one will.. There are some wives who dress badly and are no longer attractive to men. There are some single sisters who are not present. Anyone who seeks God’s will cannot be attracted to Him.”

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