A program to give decent homes to children of imprisoned women in Colombia

30 girls and boys, children of mothers deprived of liberty, will have a decent home thanks to the Valora la Alegría program, an initiative led by Valora.t and the Hogares Claret Foundation.

minors Between 6 to 12 yearsIt is the children of mothers who are heads of households who are incarcerated in the El Pedregal High and Medium Security Prison and Penitentiary Complex in Medellin.

The Velora La Alegría program, supported by INPEC and ICBF, is the flagship in Colombia and is based in the village of Media Luna in Santa Elena Corregimiento in Medellin. It will act as a home that welcomes young children and guarantees all the conditions for their integral development.Like living, eating, studying, playing and perfect place for full development.

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“Through Valora La Alegría we not only want to protect these girls and boys and guarantee their rights, but also to strengthen the maternal bond, because the children will be able to visit their mothers in El Pedregal on a monthly basis and, every fortnight, they will see each other. will be able to. Virtually with them”, explains Albert Ole, president of the Velora-Tea Foundation.

Young children will be in the care of a team of psychosocial professionals, educators and caregivers, who will be responsible for strengthening bonds not only with their mother, but also with their family members and support networks. In addition, these professionals will undertake comprehensive care along with educational, recreational and health process to guarantee all the rights of the beneficiary girls and boys.

“Since children are good, one is good. My children are everything to me, they are practically one’s life, and so here, they are the strength to be able to get out. I want to hold them and hug them, which here No one could,” says Geraldine Johanna Pérez with emotion, a woman imprisoned in El Pedregal and whose children will be the beneficiaries of the Valora La Alegría program and whom she is watching over us. Since last December.

Valora.ty shares the mission of Hogares Claret, non-profit organizations, working with children and adolescents in Colombia. “We want to continuously provide solutions to society to intervene in early childhood, because we know that it is a way to break the cycle of violence and poverty in our society. Due to our experience and knowledge, we want to bet on stopping the threat of rights violations”, comments Father Gabriel Mejia, president of Fundación Hogares Claret.

In addition, the Valora La Alegria program will work so that the mother has opportunities to generate income and thus, once her independence is restored, she can welcome back her son or daughter with the ability to continue guaranteeing their rights.

“They will help us a lot, they will support us in work, be able to get out of here and support my children. I am very grateful to all the foundations that are helping us,” says Geraldine Johanna.

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The Valora La Alegría project is financed entirely by private resources —mainly international cooperation from the Valora.t Foundation—and with support from the Sofia Pérez de Soto and Fraternidad Medellín Foundations. The Hogares Claret Foundation also makes a financial contribution and is the one that implements the program, which aims to increase coverage to care for more girls and boys, work in other prisons and help male heads of households and in other Colombian cities.

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