A project of female soccer players from Cadizfornia, Cadiz and California

Women’s beach soccer has found an ideal location on the beaches of Cádiz from which to launch an idea that is already a reality: cadiz, An initiative born with the aim of creating a community of athletes from Cadiz and California around this sport.

He explains in this video. Rocio PlacenciaARCHITECTS AND TEAM PRESIDENTS THEY CREATED: CD Fun and Learning, which studies this initiative that emerged “to promote the exchange of culture, knowledge, language and, of course, teamwork”, as they also exchange between Cadiz and California.

It was six months ago when the idea began to take shape, consisting of soccer players and coaches from various women’s teams from different nationalities and universities, who got down to work and set foot on the ball to build this team, no less. Not done. or in The first women’s national league project in the province of Cádiz. For this they have consulted professional coach and president of Victoria Beach Soccer, Kiko Rossano, who says that Cadiz is a privileged place in Europe to practice beach soccer, “and that is why we have three teams, but we have never An elite project in women’s football

has been a fundamental part of the project Luis MezaSports Director and responsible for recruiting California players to the team, and FATIMA GARCIA SANCHEZ“Because the bigger the dream, the bigger the team, and this dream is being shaped by the action of incredible women like her”, Rocio points out, in charge of the selection of coaches and Spanish soccer players at CD Fun & Learning. Placencia

Thus, the steps they are following include both Participation in the National Beach Soccer League this summer in Cadiz“which has served to give visibility to the project”, The Search for financial support with sponsors And the sponsors in which they are immersed and finally, “from On January 23 we want to start with the exchange between Cadiz and California”.

In this presentation video, they describe how the women’s first division competition that they experienced in a few weeks served to strengthen relationships, encourage cooperation and teamwork, as well as enrich themselves, because “they joined. Girls of different languages ​​and cultures, with different ways of viewing sports. Which is the key to growth and motivation.” And this is how the players from Cadiz and the province of California explain it, for whom this is a unique and unforgettable experience.

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