As they attack a woman while leaving the bank, the criminals ask G.S. 44 million

This Friday, a woman went to a well-known bank in Ciudad del Este to withdraw the millionaire she received as a loan, but unfortunately a group of criminals followed her and took more than 44 million Guerani. The girl said a man got out of the vehicle, pointed a weapon at her head and everything was recorded on closed circuit image.

According to the woman, the criminals stopped her at Mercado de Abasto area of ​​the said city and they were traveling in a white sedan type vehicle of Toyota brand model Premio.

“The incident was recorded today around 2:00 p.m., the woman said that it would be two people who were in the vehicle, one of whom got out with a gun and asked her to hand over the money, pointing at her head.”, Commissioner Justo Ojeda, Detailed to the media.

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He asserted that everything happened meters away from a well-known bank and the vehicle was apparently waiting for the victim, as it would have been parked in the area. Meanwhile, the woman was riding a motorcycle alone. “She was alone and she was going to go downtown to buy merchandise with the money, but she fell victim to criminals,” he asserted.

He confirmed that the amount was only for the portion that the owner of the commercial premises where the girl worked for was going to withdraw and the employee only had to transfer the cash to the premises, while the owner waited at the bank. Make payment. Another part of the money. “The woman indicated that the person who got out of the vehicle spoke to her in Portuguese,” he said.

Ojeda also said that the surprising thing was that everything happened around the bank and that the criminals knew how much money this person would withdraw. “Obviously the criminals knew that these women were there to withdraw the money and they often engaged in this type of transaction. The information had to leave the environment of the company or bank, it cannot be denied,” he concluded.

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The woman was stopped from leaving the bank. Photo: Screenshot.

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