Bagona Gómez, Sánchez’s wife, advises companies “toward a sustainable future.”

‘Fundamentals of Competitive Social Change: Strategy in Ten Steps’ is the name of a course taught by Begona Gómez, wife of Pedro Sánchez, in which she advises companies to facilitate their access to European funds.

In a promotional video published on the course’s Linkedin page, Gomez himself explains: “I give you the keys to turn your traditional business strategy into one that combines business and influence. You will learn how to develop Competitive Social Change Strategies and merge both targets. Only in this way can you achieve the competitive advantage that differentiates you in the market from your customers, your investors and, in general, society as a whole. Good strategy for your company and good for your environment». “I’m Bagona Gómez, a consultant and passionate about sustainability and the transformative power of the private sector and the third sector,” the scene ends.

There is also a brief description of the course on the said website, which explains that it will be “key to being able to develop an action plan for your organization that incorporates ESG criteria to help. Take your new model to a sustainable future, allowing you to generate the competitive advantage and necessary economic returns. During the content, you will understand the different steps and dynamics to integrate companies to become active agents in social change, or in other words: how to do good, do it well!».

Ten course topics taught by Bagona Gómez

  1. Purpose as an organization’s reason for being
  2. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Pillars of Purpose
  3. Challenges and key areas of the organization
  4. Identification of projects for action
  5. Resource identification in an organization: Affects the life cycle
  6. A major return to business
  7. Connections and how they affect business
  8. Matrix
  9. Communication
  10. Structure of the action plan

Biography of Begona Gomez on Linkedin

The wife of the head of government defines herself on LinkedIn and assures that “she has Over 20 years of experience in Inmark Europe, as director of strategic consulting in third sector projects and social impact». “She is also the director of the Africa Center of the IE Foundation. Where she works to promote the development of innovation, executive leadership, entrepreneurship and social action in the African continent”, she re-introduced on her page as an instructor of courses for social networks oriented to commercial use, businesses and employment. continues to count.

In her bio she also says that “In addition, Bagona holds the position of Extraordinary Chair of Social Change at the Complutense University of Madrid, which integrates her own two degrees: “”Master in Management for Fundraising for NPOs”” , with 10 editions; and «»Master in Competitive Social Change: SDGs as a Strategy in the School of Government»» of UCM, with 2 editions».

“Other professional references of Bagona are member of WAS (Women Action Sustainability), where she is responsible for the Corporate Social Transformation Working Group, partner-collaborator of the Spanish Fundraising Association, collaborator of Fademur and El Hueco, as well as lecturer. and speaker for specialized press” , it turns out.

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