Bagona Gomez sells herself on LinkedIn as a “beacon” for companies to align with her husband Sanchez’s climate spending.

Bagona Gomez She now sells her strategic knowledge on Linkedin so that companies adopt her as a “beacon” and manage to adapt to the climate costs that her husband and the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, regulate together. Moreover, so Take advantage of the new Ultra-Ecologist framework And save the “planet” too.

Linkedin is the best social network for managers and entrepreneurs. A perfect platform to sell yourself as an applicant for a key and well-paid position in the best companies or to offer your own products and services to the same companies or highly qualified professionals. A center of influence in the business world. And now Bagona Gomez is on.

The President’s wife’s latest commercial adventure has ended somewhat strangely. All achieved A network of connections with the main training center for Moroccan managers (APD Maroc) by the Africa Center and when Pedro Sánchez handed over the Sahara to Rabat. But when it was found out that The President’s cell phone was spied on by the Pegasus system And that too when all suspicions of the same hack were focused on Morocco. Strange coincidences.

And it all culminated in Begona Gómez’s statement of alleged defection from the Africa Center when her husband, Pedro Sánchez, refused – and continues – to deny any sign of transparency in reporting what happened to the spying and his wife’s relationship with the APD. Morocco.

Also Bagona Gomez does not rest. And, despite the fact that no one knows exactly how it turned out, she continues with her professional expansion. Now on Linkedin. There he presented the course “Fundamentals of Competitive Social Change: Business Sustainability”. A module where the wife of the President can be seen In the videos that Digital Freedom collects today, Provides a “beacon” to discover “first-hand what competitive social change is all about with this training material.” “You’ll learn why it’s important for companies to reflect on their organization’s purpose, why organizations must adopt this process to create business competitiveness with social and environmental impact, and what steps are necessary when crafting a comprehensive strategy, all of which .in a single course designed for companies that want to be part of this business paradigm shift” quite a challenge from the wife of the same person who fills Spain with the same business and bureaucratic costs and demands.

“Skills you will develop” is a quick summary: “Corporate sustainability“. And there, hand in hand with the wife of the head of government, it is finally possible to understand “competitive social change for tomorrow’s companies”; “the company as an agent of social change and business purpose”; they can understand “sustainable development goals or SDGs as a path”; “New business models for sustainability”; how to move “from purpose to strategy”, develop “positive impact measurement”; or, of course, learn the techniques of ” sustainable financing”, something in which Gomez is certainly already an expert.

Moreover, the President’s wife gives important importance: “Get a certificate you can share“. And that is the preferred curriculum to hang on the wall with an essential and highly recognized title. A title that can be seen in the progress of the course up to a model. Because with that title everyone will be able to. “What they have learned. Share and stand out as professionals in the desired field with a certificate that demonstrates the knowledge gained in the course”.

Gómez gives a glimpse of his new academic venture: “If as a professional you are thinking about how to move forward in sustainability, how you can apply sustainable development objectives or environmental, social and governance criteria in your organization that you want to create positivity. Allowing. Impact and profitability, this training interests you.” Because with this LinkedIn learning course “you’ll understand that purpose is the best engine that drives success and how you can turn your company’s positive impact into a competitive advantage, shared value, competitive social change strategy”. As if that wasn’t enough, “you’ll be able to reflect and apply what you’ve learned from a practical and innovative perspective, incorporating a purpose and a social and environmental perspective into business”. Important.

And, in addition, it allows “to develop the skills to change the environment by doing good work and doing it well, which will mark that differential value as a professional compared to those who continue with a traditional profession.” And she introduced herself: “My name is Bagona Gomez, I am a consultant and passionate about sustainability and the transformative power of the private and third sector. I invite you to learn more about what your future company strategy will be.”

The truth is that Pedro Sanchez’s wife Lacks any official title University but it has already started presenting itself as a guru of social change, social competitiveness or, simply, social sectors. One of its latest lines of activity is “humanizing marketing”. And there he also advises achieving “influence and co-creation in terms of change”. The best thing is that to present herself in this professional field, Bagona Gómez has used another professional path: the Complutense University has allowed her to be employed. Director of Competitive Social Change Chair (TSC) of UCM.

Bagona Gómez, thus, despite not being a graduate or a graduate in any university degree, has the support of the chair: it was the month of October 2020 – Sánchez was already in the presidency- when it became known that the Computense University of Madrid gave the direction of this new chair to Sánchez’s wife was The chair is not law, economics, or communication, or anything comparable to a recognized degree: it is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and United Nations 2030 Agenda. And that political program focused on teaching private companies, which opens many doors. Gomez is also backed by Complutense to Direct Masters. Masters that are sold to university graduates despite the fact that she fails to meet that requirement. Their only pseudo-academic training consists of an unofficial degree in marketing from the Higher School of Marketing and Business, which is not approved.

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