Blake Lively tells Forbes the five steps to becoming a successful businesswoman

The Hollywood actress was part of the “2022 Forbes Powerful Women Summit” and revealed what are five tips to keep in mind to find and grow a successful brand.

Blake Lively has no interest in plastering her name on projects she isn’t involved with. But Bhamukhi says it took time Gather the courage to make your voice heard.

From her breakout role as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl For the founder of the Betty Buzz line of non-alcoholic mixers, Hollywood has added new titles to Lively’s portfolio since her first major acting job in 2005’s The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Blake Lively with Forbes
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Lively, a mother of four, hit the Forbes red carpet in New York on Thursday to show off her baby bump, revealing for the first time that she is expecting her fourth child. She and her husband Ryan Reynolds already have three girls..

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One of five children, Lively, 35, says family drives all her endeavors, from motherhood and acting to business ownership. I love to create, and as a woman, The author is often not given to youLively said in a conversation with Moira Forbes, president and publisher of Forbes Women, at the 2022 Forbes Powerful Women Summit.

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Lively said that is one of the driving factors Men overwhelmingly create everyday products that women usewhich represents 85% of household purchases across all categories.

It makes sense for women to make the things we want to consume. Whether physical products or stories, he says. And as Lively makes new movies, expands her beverage line and more, the businesswoman said it’s just as important to create opportunities for others.

Blake Lively’s Five Tips for Starting a Business

These are tips that live Shared at the Summit about starting a company and how to claim authorship along the way:

Believe in what you are creating and stick with it

Starting a business is a lot of work. You really have to believe in itLive says. So you have to be able to back people up when they say no. Create something missing in today’s market that speaks to your values ​​and invest in quality to back it up, he added.

Blake Lively with Forbes
Blake Lively with Forbes

Prioritize quality and conviction.

Lively said it’s all about the details. Lively says that when you go to business partners, retailers or consumers, the only thing you have to believe is whether your product or service is of high quality. I know I have a huge unfair advantage in having the entertainment industry as a kind of microphone Or a boost to help promote my business, but if the product isn’t great, I can just sell one bottle, that’s different.

Since the launch of Betty Buzz in September 2021, The company has sold over 4 million bottles so far. Lively advises other entrepreneurs to learn from mistakes and failures and address red flags and problems when they arise. It is difficult to catch if you take out a broken product. However, focusing on details can mistakenly make women feel difficult or difficult. “It all comes down to quality and conviction, and that’s sometimes difficult for a woman because you wonder if you’re being hard on your head or overcommitting,” she says.

Work with people you know

A successful business requires collaboration. Lively’s advice? Don’t bother with “malicious”.. Choose people who feel they have a voice to foster a collaborative environment and people with values ​​that you want to model within yourself. There are no challenges, confrontations or friction, but when you work with people where there is mutual respect, you free up a lot of time emotionally, he says.

When Lively chooses a job, she says she questions whether her time is valued and well spent. And the metric to measure that is by the people on the project. She says I am lucky to be in that position because I haven’t always been.

Be yourself unapologetically

When it comes to new or potential jobs or projects, Lively advises that it’s best to be honest about your needs, though he also admitted that finding a balance between getting a job and getting what you want out of it can be difficult. Sometimes you lose a job, but if you did and you weren’t filled anyway, it wasn’t worth it, she says.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively

Her early days as an actress consisted of showing up, looking pretty and standing on a few pink stickers. Now, she advocates more authorship in her papers, something more satisfying.

Pick others up on the road

Part of the creation of materials, companies and products It is also about creating opportunities for othersLive says. In one of her latest endeavors, Multilateral said she is partnering with Rural America, a nonprofit that provides microloans to women living below the poverty line to help them start their businesses.

It is not just up to women to pave that way for other women. It’s up to men to help create those opportunitiesThe actress concluded.

*Note originally published in Forbes USA.

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