Blanco defends the board’s support for trafficking victims

The Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Isabel Blanco Llamas, has defended the board’s actions in support of victims of sexual abuse, which, as she explained, is evident from the ‘Atrapadas’ program launched in 2020 and by it. In which 5,718 women have been treated. This is how Blanco Llamas responded to a question posed before the plenary session of the courts by socialist attorney Nuria Rubio, who asked the regional administration to be “partners” in this fight in which “a lot of work remains ahead”.

The counselor listed the board’s actions in this regard which go through free legal aid or attention to minors affected by these conditions and announced a total of 12 new training programs to explore and address these issues.

“We are constantly reviewing all the protocols, all the procedures and updating them permanently,” he concluded.

Finally, Nuria Rubio emphasizes the need to pay more attention to these women who are victims of sexual abuse, “one of the most painful forms in which violence against women manifests itself”. Thus, he called for more prevention campaigns and the implementation of policies to move towards “real equality and a better society without sex slaves”.

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