Chaco businesswoman in business round in Italy

In the framework of the WEF 2022 Trade Mission (Women’s Economic Forum Argentina) in Italy, a round of business and visits is being held with Beatriz Tourn, President of the Chamber of Women Entrepreneurs of the Chaco, owner of the firm Contacto SA, , and Secretary of Training of CAME, with the entrepreneurs Fanny Kalbermater and Romina Fink. , producers of coal and rice respectively.

Also participating are Martina Quaglia, Undersecretary of Strategic Planning of the Ministry of Planning, Economy and Infrastructure, and Laura Binaghi, Undersecretary of Industry, who presented the economic, industrial and touristic potential of the Chaco to the city of Milan. This is the first trade mission abroad, represented only by businessmen, provincial officials and part of the WEF team.

After the presentation, the headquarters of the Argentine Consulate was the meeting point for business meetings organized by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lina Enloe, Director of the WEF.

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