Congress: Women Minister invited to report on her field plans News

The president of the Women’s Commission, Lucinda Vásquez Vela, announced that the sector minister, Claudia Liliana Dávila Moscoso, will attend a session next Friday so that she can report on issues related to her portfolio.

This was stated in the session held on Monday 19, where three bills were endorsed which will be analyzed and ruled by the aforementioned commission.

Certainly, Congressman Segundo Toribio Montalvo Cubas supported Bill 2675/2021-CR, which declares public necessity and national interest to establish breastfeeding centers and childcare centers in wholesale markets and food supply markets in Peru.

The proposal aims to ensure that traders, administrative staff and security personnel who carry out their activities in wholesale or food supply markets have breastfeeding rooms and childcare facilities available in the markets so that children considered in infancy can have a physical place. To find them, the same one that should be conditioned according to the requirements, said the legislator.

Likewise, Congressman Luis Ángel Aragon Carreno supported Bill 2748/2022-CR, which proposes a law amending Law 27337, the new Children and Adolescent Code, to guarantee the participation and freedom of expression of minors so that they can be heard. . in different areas of the state.

The parliamentarian said the proposal seeks to strengthen the right of children and adolescents to be heard and have their say; Also defining the function of each instance of government at the national, local and regional levels.

Finally, Congresswoman Elizabeth Medina Hermosilla supported Bill 2817/2022-CR, which proposes legislation that promotes the creation of businesses in women’s organizations of popular kitchens and community kitchens.

The parliamentarian maintained that the proposal creates rights for the benefit of social groups that are particularly vulnerable and those in situations of poverty and/or extreme poverty, as it gives them the opportunity to be part of the productive chain by being able to provide food. services.

On the other hand, on the eve of the bi-centenary celebrations of the Congress of the Republic, the Chairperson of the Commission for Women expressed her greetings to the Parliamentary body and conveyed her greetings to 130 Congressmen, service personnel and the Parliamentary Association. “The Congress of the Republic is an expression of democracy and the rule of law in our country,” he added.

This session highlighted the important role of Peruvian women, who are always present in the moments that history calls them and their contribution is of utmost importance, because through women deputies, senators and congressmen, it has been possible to sensitize society on various issues. issues


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Posted: 9/19/2022

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