Does having children slow your professional progress?

Is being a parent holding you back in your career?

For many, reaching a certain age is synonymous with being able to raise a family, which entails new challenges when it comes to reconciling parenthood with the world of work. That’s why survey after survey results looked at what the experience is like after a baby arrives at home and how it can affect one parent more than the other.

Thus, after consultation father Regarding whether they now have this responsibility, they have seen their professional progress slow down somewhat, 36% believe they agree with this statement, 25% partially agree, and 28% not so much.

However, when consulting these topics by gender, the women 38% affirm that their progress as a professional is somehow disturbed by motherhood, while in the case of men this result reaches 33%.

In relation to these results, from Chile, Argentina and Brazil, it is Chile that states that it has stability in its labor career with 39%, followed by our country, with 36% and finally, Brazil with 34%.

Does working from home become more difficult with children?

When the pandemic began, many workers had to work from home, which was a challenge for parents, especially those with young children who demanded more time and were also in online classes.

When asked if teleworking has made their work harder for these parents, 36% said it has become more difficult, followed by 37% who say it is easier, and 19% who say there is no difference. Job impact since you work from home.

On the other hand, when the same question was asked to women, these results changed, as women generally have more household responsibilities, so they not only have to work, but also take care of children, cook and clean the house. Therefore, 37% of women believe that teleworking with children has become more difficult, versus 35% of men.

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