“Dragon Tamers”, Documentary History of Women

Almost the mention of a teacher’s passing set off the filmmaker’s internal alarms Damian Leibovitch. It was a good story to document in the comments and he went to work recording the process “Dragon Tamers”A group of breast cancer survivors who row as part of their physical and emotional recovery.

In 2018, Damian was studying popularizing science, technology and innovation at the National University of Rio Negro in Bariloche, when Professor Astrid Bengtsson commented that he was part of a group of women’s cancer survivors. “It rang a bell for me there and I remember him also saying, ‘We want to host the World Cup’.”, remembers the film director who is looking ahead with a smile Preview of his film at the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival (This Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Sarmiento Library) after receiving first prize Health Series of the World Film Festival in Cannes and two special mentions for script and direction at the Five Continents Film Festival in Venezuela.

Thus Damian began recording this group of women who trained at the Club de Regattas and Followed him for 3 years Step by step to get the dragon boat they need for their meetings, practices, trips and training.

In 2018, Damien Leibovitch heard for the first time about women who are recovering from breast cancer and made a documentary. modesty

“I didn’t know how much I was going to perform or anything, but I felt like I was cool enough to try,” admitted the director of The Originals, who always had the goal. A documentary film, without a pre-established script, with many hours of shooting (there were more than 50 in total) and he was supported as a co-creator of the UNRN, where he worked since 2016.

The entire documentary is based on their stories and is shown thanks to what I was recording on what they were saying.”, Damien explained about the lengthy process that culminated in June of last year with the first montage he showed to friends, colleagues and family, and after polishing it into a 1:51 hour documentary.

The plot of the documentary

The film deals with the theme of rowing in dragon boats as a form of physical and emotional recovery and as a tool Prevent lymphedema in breast cancer survivors On which an operation was performed. This works as a water sport Lymphatic drainage Preventing hand swelling after mastectomy is natural and also has many psychological benefits, as it brings together women who share their feelings and experiences, published the university, which is a co-producer of “Dragon Tamers”.

She came to the cinema with “Dragon Tamers”, a project of a group of women who survived breast cancer who work as a way to rehabilitate themselves. modesty

Damian had no affinity with the theme of his documentary, therefore, he knew and studied the medical and scientific issue of the disease and its rehabilitation as he recorded the images.

I learned something I didn’t know had to do with a medical and scientific question. Produces me too Kudos to these women, for the drive, for the energy they put into the project And the way they were achieving things, I think it’s admirable and I was lucky enough to be there when they said ‘we’re going to ask the province for help’ and I was there when they handed over the cheque, and When the boat arrived. Participating in a process and it is satisfying”, said the director who graduated years ago at the National School of Cinematographic Experimentation and Realization in Buenos Aires, based at the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts.

Initial structure The group values ​​challenge Through which more than fifty women from Bariloche pass during their training sessions, which began at Lake Nahuel Huapi, at the Club de Regattas, and continued at Lake Moreno.

Daniam Leibovitch, together with UNRN, documented the rehabilitation work of Bariloche women who survived breast cancer. Photo: Chino Leiva

But even that Interpersonal conflicts that arise in the middle include And it comes down to the division of the original group. The decision to include this episode prompted specific analysis by the director who ultimately chose to include it because “it’s something universal, it happens to all of us, problems arise even in consortium meetings,” he said.

The end result of the documentary, which the heroes have not yet seen in full and will certainly be in preview on FAB, was Something “rich” for Damian And hopefully for viewers too: “My goal as a filmmaker in general, not just with this film, is that people are somehow changed by what they see.Beyond entertainment. That is why I believe that as soon as I learned about the project, I thought it was worth witnessing and multiplying, it closed me from all sides”.

film route

A competition was held in Documentary 9 festivals National and International.

In 2019, he participated in the category “Film Under Construction” at FAB.

Damian Leibovitch’s documentary participated in nine international festivals and won three awards.

in Received three international awards in 2022: Best Health-Themed Film at the World Film Festival in Cannes and two Special Mentions at the Five Continents Film Festival, one for screenplay and one for direction.

October will be declared “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” by the WHO, the film will be made Available so breast cancer prevalence and prevention associations Can arrange estimates.

The festival tour will continue till March next year.

Two national preview performances of “Dragon Tamers” will take place at FAB, on September 20 and 24, at the Usina Cultural del Cívico (Sarmiento Library).

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