Election 2022: This region has the highest number of youth candidates

Lima has barely 90 young candidates in the 2022 regional and municipal elections.

It is often mentioned that young Peruvian voters number as many as 8 million; However, their participation in elections is not limited to marking a cross on the ballot paper. Their names also appear in the list of candidates and on Regional and Municipal Elections 2022The authorities have at least confirmed that 20% candidates Each group consists of youth under the age of 29.

The Informed Vote Portal of the National Elections Jury (JNE) shows that Loreto is the region with the highest number of young candidates 135 out of 340 people participated in this election. They are followed by Ankesh (129), Puno (116) and Arequipa (115) in the list of areas with more than one hundred young candidates. In Loreto, as in other regions of the country, young women are the majority on the list (87).

Before Lima, which has 90 young candidates, are Cusco (98), La Libertad (95) and Huanuco (90). Broken down by gender, no region has more than a hundred women candidates. Ankesh and Puno, the divisions with the highest number of women applicants, register 89 each. In the capital, there are barely 60 women seeking a seat in popular elections, compared to 30 men.

Eight million Peruvians under the age of 29 will vote on Sunday, October 2.
Eight million Peruvians under the age of 29 will vote on Sunday, October 2.

Apurímac is the region with the fewest young candidates, only 31 compared to 90 who applied. Amazonas is very close with only 35 candidates under the age of 29. This is a low figure compared to the Loreto region which is next on the list and geographically very close to it. In the case of women candidates, Huancavelica has only 41 women candidates.

With 26 years, Gerald Antonio Jovis Rosas Vasquez He wants to be the next mayor of Santa Anita. He is a law graduate from the University of San Martin de Porres who has taken specialized courses at the Carlos III University of Madrid. His work experience began in 2016 at the age of 20 as an intern in the legal department of the Alfonso Ugarte Consortium.

Information was sent JNE indicates that he worked as an administrative support service in the National Superintendence of Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (Sukemak) then to continue as an intern in the notary’s office. It is only in 2020 that he started as a sesigrist and then as a judicial assistant. Kalaoni Superior Court of JusticeInstitute where he worked till this year.

Gerald Rosas (Purple Party) wants to be the next mayor of Santa Anita at the age of 26.
Gerald Rosas (Purple Party) wants to be the next mayor of Santa Anita at the age of 26.

Considering that his annual income is S/ 51,916, it is calculated that his monthly remuneration is S/ 3,708. He has not disclosed private sector income and said he does not own any property, furniture or otherwise. Likewise, it does not have criminal spheres or sentences of maintenance, contract, labor or family violence.

Apply with the candidate Purple partyAccording to a group to which it belongs from March 1, 2019 Registration of Political Organizations. He has not been elected to any position in his organization and this is his first attempt to get elected to a popularly elected position.

Citizens get an opportunity to know more about the candidates of their choice through the Informed Vote platform National Election Jury. It is hoped that this tool will serve as an aid in finding figures that represent their aspirations for their district, province and region.

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