Even if there are no complaints, violence against women does not decrease, suggests National Network of Shelters – El Financiero

Investigation folders for femicide reached their lowest figure in six years in July this year. Similarly, cases of women being victims of intentional injuries fell to 1,813, 232 less than in April, the highest number of incidents in the month.

although This does not mean that crimes have decreasedA statement condemned the National Network of Shelters.

The organization accounts for this through calls and messages for help in the period from January to August this year. Of which 29 percent women did it themselves 20 percent came from the victim’s support network Not being able to communicate directly due to the level of risk and control of the aggressor.

Added to this is women’s lack of credibility and trust in the authorities, as in many cases they are ignored or re-victimized. Four in every 100 women who interacted with the network in the first eight months of 2022 said they had requested support without receiving it.

“It is doubtful that crimes against women in Mexico are measured by the number of complaints, It is essential and urgent to recognize that racist violence is structural and systemicAlso there is a lack of proper classification of crimes,” says the organization.

Although the government promised to reverse the situation experienced by women within the framework of the UN 2030 Agenda, the budget allocated by the Ministry of Finance for 2023 shows otherwise.

Within the 2023 budget package, the support program budget for specialized shelters for women victims of gender-based violence was reduced by 1.05 percent. Although the increase is considered, inflation is not taken into account, the organization alleged.

Shelters tackle violence against women

Given this situation, civil society organizations act as authorities to combat violence against women, girls and adolescents.

There are shelters and outpatient centers Spaces that provide protectionPromoted the recovery of rights and the prevention of femicides, which, despite the limited budget, the lack of gender perspective, progressiveness and timely delivery that they faced this year, did not stop operating.

How many women and children victims of violence have been helped by shelters?

During these first 8 months of 2022, comprehensive and free care has been provided 19 thousand 993 women, girls and boys.

Through outpatient care centers, a total of 12,190 people have been cared for, mostly women who received special guidance.

The National Shelter Network alone provided accommodation, food, comprehensive and specialized care to 7,803 women and their children, a 16 percent increase over the same months during 2021.

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