Fannie Lu’s new businesses are off Caracol and RCN

‘Emprende Lu’ is not to line their pockets but to support the efforts of women, who have faced tough times and want to move forward with creativity.

Versatility is not made, but apparently born with it. Not to mention Fanny Lu, who, apart from being a singer, actress, mother and industrial engineer by profession, is now actively throwing herself into the pool of social entrepreneurship. On this occasion, he took us shopping at his personal brand’s stand at the Eva Fair in Bogotá and told us about the new life he is building.

Fanny Lucia Martinez Buenaventura has given her life to show business. She has invested more than 20 years of her artistic career in her fans, who today regard her as a sweet and motherly woman. Five minutes of talking to her is enough to feel as welcome as the dozens of participants who have passed through her hands at La Voz Kids: just an appetizer of the fusion between charisma, glamour, talent and ‘peranque’. The latter because if we can say anything, it is that, at the age of 49, Valle del Caca is a woman who has really laid the eggs in life.

His childhood was spent in dense Kali, riddled with the bullets of the drug war. She grew up without her father, and perhaps for this reason she resists not being an absent mother with her children Valentina and Mateo: Ella, a pastry lover and high school student; And he, a musician (under the pseudonym ‘Teo’). And although it can seem difficult to keep track of them with so many commitments on the agenda, Fanny Lu shrugs it off and admits that the strategy is to make the most of quality time.

He likes to cook as a family. Above all, he likes preparations to be an excuse to speak and convey powerful messages. He believes that example is essential, so he tries to maintain a generous and self-loving attitude.

Today he believes that his children have dreams and are good human beings, and he embraces this in his most recent project ‘Emprende Lu’. Although she doesn’t plan to return to the small screen anytime soon, she is undoubtedly in the chip of viewers, who have supported her in music and television, she will surely do so now with her new social venture.

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