From Fuerte Apache to Paris: they make bags with personalized phrases and give work to a group of women

“Today our bags made in Fuerte Apache shine anywhere in the world”he says Light wallOne of the creators of this initiative that aims not only to create a product that she and His partner Paula Gale There are fanatics, too Promoting social inclusion and improving the economic conditions of low-income people.

Friends and partners, Luz and Paula, 50 and 60, have known each other for more than 20 years when they trained together to run 42 km, from that moment they thought of a common project. They studied Kabbalah and a guru of the time suggested that the project they were undertaking was to improve the lives of others. “The project should change other people’s lives and not just ours,” says the light wall.

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With their grown children, they quit their jobs and threw themselves into making a living. Six plus three. Luz explains, “We are baggers, our daily world is inside a bag, we don’t use handbags. Whenever we travel we buy bags in markets, museums and that’s the idea of ​​what we want to do.” But they also thought that each bag should be stamped with the phrase that everyone wants. “We made five samples of the bag and went to the seamstress and once they were ready, we looked for an organization or an NGO that we could work with to change someone’s life,” she says.

The bags are made of burlap, “where there’s burlap, the planet breathes”, he says.

But finding a group of people to work with wasn’t easy. Luz’s work at the time allowed her to interact with important people, but she remembers that “everyone who knocked on the door told me where I could find this group of people. . He wanted to work, he just didn’t know how to tell me. With every meeting he got more confused,” he recalls. And he continues: “In this search we found the current mayor of February 3, Diego Valenzuela, who trained with us, he told us that there is one. A group of women who were gathering at the library in Fuerte Apache, Which acts as a space for social control and it gave us contact”, explains the entrepreneur.

There they found these women who met when the boys were at school to learn to sew. “Some knew how to do it with great skill and others were in the process of learning. But they didn’t have a product or an idea to be able to focus and produce stable work. Then we arrived with bags, with rolls. Fabric , we opened everything up and we proposed them the challenge of sewing burlap, which is not easy because its weave unravels easily. However, they got over it very quickly,” she says.

At first they considered making bags with materials like canvas, hemp or organic cotton until they found burlap. “We chose burlap because the planet breathes where there is burlap and we felt it was good to connect with the planet, yes.It is sustenance for one’s life as well as sustenance for the planet,” he says.

Women of Fuerte Apache who make bags

Thus began SixPlusThree, which derives its name from the fact that the sum of these numbers results in nine, and this number, in Kabbalah, represents the number of giving.

Their mentors agreed with the workers to give them visibility, that is, people who bought the bags also knew who made them.

On the other hand, what makes this Such special bags, in addition to their social and environmental commitment, stamp a phrase, a word that identifies them, on whoever buys them. From your neighborhood, your place of birth, your pets name, your initials; Among many, some of the funniest: “I don’t clean anymore”, “I exist after mate”, “Always the terrace”, “Thanks for coming”.

“Made in Fort Apache bag worn by a person living in Paris”, exemplifies Luz. Both believe that the spirit of the project is identity, meaning that whoever buys the bag feels that it was made for them and that it was someone who made it and that it did not come from a nameless workshop.

In addition, you can add a pendant made by a group of Tigray women with recycled button paste donated by the textile industry.

“Both the women’s group from Fuerte Apache and Tigre and all the people working on SeisMasTres form a working group in the conscious economy,” says Luz.

“None of the jobs I’ve had can compare to the happiness this project gives us. It’s our life’s work, we can teach others that work is fun and that work is about learning and not just making money. .These women and the men who work with us today have learned to value and emphasize their trade”, he concludes.

Both have challenges Replicate this initiative in the rest of the country Those who work at SeisMasTres always aim to leave where they are and go to a better place.

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