Galleno thanks the Defense for its support in fire prevention

Fernando Galeano, sub-delegate of the government in Ávila, thanked the Ministry of Defense for its work in fighting the fires in the province of Ávila, especially the XII ‘Guadarma’ brigade of El Goloso (Madrid), which established its command in the town of Sotillo de la Edrada from July 29 to supervise and For observational support to prevent fires in certain areas, especially in the Titar Valley.

The brigade, which completed its mission on September 15 and was made up of more than a hundred professionals, was deployed on day and night patrols to carry out the task of monitoring and observing potential fires in the assigned area. Three patrols were deployed during the day arc and two during the night, and as a general rule the patrol consisted of 4 soldiers and a vehicle with direct links to the observation and firefighting authority of the province of Ávila.

According to the sub delegation, during the 51 days of the mission, 34,000 kilometers were covered, with an average distance of 600 km. per day. Units consisting of 20 troops and 6 vehicles were deployed over a period of 15 days, relieved by others of equal size. These came from the 12th ‘Guadarrama’ Brigade, the ‘Villaviciosa’ Cavalry Group II/61, the ‘Covadonga’ Mechanized Infantry Battalion I/31, the Protected Infantry Battalion ‘Uad-Ras’ II/31 and the Battalion of Tanks. Combat ‘Leon’ I/61. The total number of soldiers deployed during this period was 111, of which 101 were men and 10 were women.

The result of this activation was “very positive” in the opinion of the sub-delegation, the safety of the mountains was not in vain and the people ensured and various efforts were detected which were reported quickly and did not turn into fire. All this in a particularly hot and dry summer that left numerous fires in the province of Ávila, many of them important and consequences for the natural environment.

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