Guterres: Despite world threats, development cannot wait

At a time when the world is facing a long list of serious threats such as conflicts, climate disasters and poverty, each of these threats is taking us further away from achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the Secretary-General said on Monday. UN on SDG Moment.

“And in the face of such threats, it is tempting to set aside our long-term development priorities. Leave them for a sunny day. But development cannot wait. Our children’s education cannot wait. Decent jobs cannot wait. Women and “Full equality for girls cannot wait. Comprehensive health care, meaningful climate action, protection of biodiversity… cannot be left for tomorrow,” he warned.

These are a series of issues on which young people and future generations demand immediate action, and it was precisely on them that Guterres hoped to find a new course that could save the Sustainable Development Goals and get back on a constructive path. can A better world that leaves no one behind.”

Without peace we cannot achieve a sustainable future

However, he accepted it This The world has a long list of outstanding tasks like public and private sector financing and investment and improving the financial architecture that benefits developing countries by offering funding and debt relief.

“This is the only sustainable way to tackle the obscene inequalities that exist in all countries, while ensuring that the world does not go into recession. This Governments must invest more than ever in the health, education and well-being of all people, including refugees and migrants“, he pleaded.

For this reason, I point out that it is necessary to “expand universal social security to protect people against the economic crisis” and at the same time to promote “job creation, especially in the digital, care and ecological economies”.

Likewise, she called for addressing “climate collapse, biodiversity loss and pollution” to save a planet that is “literally on fire” and to support the Global Biodiversity Framework, “to transform the way we use and preserve our natural resources for the future.” Let’s conserve resources.”

“And that means abandoning our suicidal dependence on fossil fuels and begin the transition to renewable energy In all countries, and support developing countries to make this change and adapt to the changes around them”, he emphasized.

However, above all these needs, he emphasized that there can be no sustainable future without peace.

“By embracing peace and tolerance – and more importantly, living these values ​​every day – we can move a little closer to the sustainable, equal and just world that everyone deserves,” he stressed.


The Sustainable Development Goals point the way to a better future for all.

A new impetus is needed for renewable energy and circular economy

For his part, the General Assembly president agreed with Guterres on the need to act immediately to save the planet when he said “we must finally get serious about saving the world, with all the pleasant and unpleasant consequences”.

Csaba Kőrösi suggested that despite the fact that a recommitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is needed more than ever, according to most indicators, we are failing on those goals.

While acknowledging the critical moments created by the appearance of COVID-19, he stressed that it was important to “recover the momentum lost due to the pandemic and our inaction”, and that “solutions are within reach”.

For this reason, he highlighted the importance of creating “key transitions”. Such as renewable energy and green, inclusive and circular economies, where food systems must also be transformed.

“We must also renew our multilateral commitment to establish a mechanism to support science,” he added at the annual event dedicated to highlighting a series of global goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all people.

To his list of essential changes he added financing for development and the relationship between climate change and water.

“I hope that the 2023 UN Water Conference, and the inaugural meeting I will be holding on 25 October, will make important progress towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6,” he clarified.

The event featured prominent artists including UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra, American poet and activist Amanda Gorman and a video message from Korean pop band Blackpink.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, actress Priyanka Chopra recalled that “Time is running out and we are halfway to the target date for achieving these goals: the year 2030.”

“In this room are representatives of the countries that signed the goals in 2015. Leaders who, together with all of us, can make that plan a reality,” he said.

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