Indigenous women’s round table meeting and interaction with officials

At the Clotario Blest neighborhood council headquarters in the regional capital, the Indigenous Women’s Round Table organized a meeting in which Mapuche groups, organizations and communities from the Koyhaike community participated. The activity was intended to create a space of meeting and reflection within the framework of International Indigenous Women’s Day, an opportunity to which regional officials were invited.
Coyhaique.- The regional governor of Aysen, Andrea Macias Palma, said: “Every September 5, the day on which Indigenous Women’s Day is celebrated, is a very important date, because women are the keepers of wisdom and fulfill essential roles. their communities. Above all, in the transmission of knowledge to those who fight every day to preserve their beliefs and traditions. With a worldview that also includes us as a society and that makes us understand that we are all part of this Chilean people and from the state, we must recognize their contribution.”

For her part, Karina Acevedo Ode, Ceremonie of Social Development and Family, asserts that “we talked to different groups and organizations, highlighting the work of the Indigenous Women’s Round Table and we shared it with everyone. Likewise, we knew their looms, herbs; That is, all the activities that they do as women. It’s in this sharing that we flesh out what the President has asked us to do, which is to stay with communities, in the region, and listen to what they need by being part of the solutions.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Renma Trappen Community, Ana Pero, expressed: “It was a very good experience, because I met with my other sisters and also with the officers who were also present; So it was an honor to share with them. I hope that every year we become one more. The message to all women celebrating Indigenous Women’s Day is to not forget the Mapuche culture, that our fight is not lost and let’s move forward.

Laipen Merriman, Karfulef, Renma Trepem and Manuel Canuman communities attended commemorative activities for International Indigenous Women’s Day. Meanwhile, Wee Folil, Mawun Kurruf, Tai Mapu Koyhaike, Pangui Mapu and Pu Vechekeche participated in the organizations. Likewise, the regional coordinator of CONADI, Pamela Huaitiao Almonacid, and the representative of the chief of the XI zone of Carabineros Aysén, Captain Camila Rojas, attended.


Developing joint work to coordinate actions aimed at entrepreneurs is the aim of the Roundtable for Indigenous Women, led by the National Service for Women and Gender Equity and the National Corporation for Indigenous Development. Along these lines, the Regional Director(s) of SernamEG, Carla Arriagada Malaguno, clarified that “CONADI is a strategic partner, with whom we have periodically promoted permanent work, with the aim of creating conditions so that the women of the local people, mainly , achieving and/or maintaining their economic autonomy. In this new phase, we have also responded to the request to organize activities to call the authorities; and in this way, women express their concerns and needs.”

One of the main initiatives carried out in March was with the second edition of the Swadeshi Mahila Mela, in which 22 exhibitors participated, who were able to spread their culture, while promoting their businesses. Last June, at the Clotario Blest Population’s headquarters in Coyhaiq, the Winol Tripuntu was held, marking the renewal of a new cycle with the winter solstice. On this occasion, workshops were held on Mapudungun, Witral, medicinal plants and the Mapuche worldview. Later, in July, a meeting was held with the new National Director of the National Corporation for Indigenous Development, Luis Panculio Morales; The objective was to socialize the core needs of the Mapuche groups, organizations and communities of the Koyhaike community.

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