Light in the Dark – Pablo Molina

Prime Minister’s wife offers her services to companies. This circumstance alone is surprising, as it is not uncommon for direct relatives of major political leaders to devote themselves to seeking clients for their private businesses. To put an end to that unwritten tradition, a socialist president, installed by the communists, had to come in, according to which the wives of heads of government do not trade with idle subjects. whose bottom line largely depends on her husband’s decisions.

Bagona is a beacon, no one doubts that. But the important thing here is where he projects his light to dispel the darkness of socialist darkness that hangs over us all. And the truth is that she has chosen to compete in a demanding world, being able to dedicate herself to selfless work in non-profit organizations that devise strategies to combat global warming or to perpetuate gender roles. Coaching Durable and resilient in exchange for substantial wagesBecause saving the planet or incorporating the secrets of non-sex language into business culture is actually very expensive.

Sanchez’s wife, academically completely undocumented, Lays the foundation for a prosperous business that will take some time to succeed but will undoubtedly yield very significant results in the medium term.. Big businessmen want to be on good terms with power and if, by the way, they clear their persistent bad conscience, then they loosen the fly with generosity that their workers want to see on the payroll. Chairs of corporate social responsibility and professionals dedicated to advising corporations on the best way to pay those progressive taxes on their income statements are, after all, booming businesses that entrepreneurs like Bagona could well see. If God has not definitively abandoned us, S├ínchez will leave politics in a few months, but the PP in government guarantees that all this blackmail and coercion of the economy will be as strong as it has been until now, if not more. increasing.

The wife of a former head of government selling competent certificates to be able to contract with the public administration is the best Guaranteed success for any company looking to do business with Power. With her husband’s contact book at her disposal and direct knowledge of charities like the tax agency, let’s see who the businessman is who says no.


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