Madrid will open the first comprehensive care center for victims of sexual violence in January

Women who are victims sexual violence As of January, they will have a new municipal resource where they can go to treat the consequences and receive psychosocial care and legal advice. The Madrid City Council will open the first comprehensive care center against this type of violence in the first months of 2023, which relatives of survivors or people in the immediate environment can also attend to receive information on how to act and provide support.

There will be professionals in the space social work, psychology and legal advice which will basically carry out personalized intervention procedures to give individual attention to each woman. will also be Group conversationAs far as the characteristics of each case suggest after analyzing it.

In addition, the center educates the population about the causes, manifestations and consequences of sexual violence, as well as the processes and Care Resources. To this will be added community intervention, which will focus on prevention and awareness.

The new center – which will be located in a central and easily accessible location – will provide support to all women living in the capital and will operate in 21 districts of the city. After its inauguration, the care provided to women victims of rape, sexual assault, abuse or any form of violence will be completed, following the opening of the first Pilar Estebanez 24-hour crisis center in 2019. These are specialized in dealing with recent cases that require immediate action, while new resources will be devoted to medium and long-term treatment. result Derived from victimized attacks.

Family members or close relatives of the victims will play a fundamental role. They will also be mentored and accompanied to learn how to deal with cases, how to support victims, facilitate their intervention and above all, avoid re-victimization.

Women can come from the Pilar Estebanez crisis center, on their own initiative or through other specialized resources, such as anti-trafficking centers and sexual abuseAgainst gender violence in couples or ex-partners, social services, state security forces and institutions or health services.

“Many sexual assaults take place in the immediate environment of the victim and, given this reality, we want to keep relatives together so that they know how to deal with the situation. Hence, the new center includes essential support so that families can be the best support” , says Joseph Aniort, representative for Families, Equality and Social Welfare, who will announce the start-up of the center at the Branch Commission today. The management will be carried out by the entity that the city council will open the public tender and a systematic collection of data from the area will be carried out to evaluate all the results achieved.

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