More than 60% of consultants in the real estate sector are women

The sales field in the real estate sector is dominated by women, viz More than 60% are real estate consultants Karim Gaudyabi, founder and CEO of Neximo, a digital real estate company, said these are the styles.

According to experts, real estate has become a window of opportunity professional development of female gender.

“We have a majority of women in the real estate sector. Over 60% of all consultants are consultants. Neximo has that comparable ratio, even slightly higherabout 70%”, he commented.

For her part, Karim Marroquin, co-founder of Real Estate Condesa, highlights that Ensured flexibility It is a great benefit offered by the industry, which allows other businesses to attend.

“There are women who have managed to carve out time to generate a good income with four or five children. gives you a chance Have other businesses and take care of the familyAs long as you are an organized person”, he said during a real estate investment program.

In addition to the organization, Marroquin stressed that, although the sector of Real Estate in Mexico One of the industries with the best prospects, those who want to enter as consultants must be trained.

It is necessary to promote entrepreneurship among women

Despite the important role of Women in Real EstateMexico has a major challenge to address in terms of women’s participation in the business environment.

This was stated by Aymi Castillo, CEO of Mujer Radiant, who added that the challenge is not only that more women can start businesses, but that they have more Representation on the Board of Directors of companies.

“There is still a lot of room. It has been said that we lack averages 132 years to achieve gender equality; It’s a long road,” he stressed.

Social networks as the key to success in the real estate sector

Currently, the Social networks They have become a fundamental tool for the success of any business and real estate is no exception.

Karim Marroquin explained that one of the strategies to get a good presence in digital media is to bet on Create content on video.

“a Video is 80 times more transparent than photographs. I have sold properties without ever visiting the property, just by looking at videos or 3D presentations. This happens a lot, especially in pre-sale”, he shared.

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