New ways of working towards reconciliation

After the pandemic, the work and the way it is carried out is of particular importance and has been the subject of much reflection. Many dreams of power Walk along the beach before starting the first meeting of the dayOthers in power Visit relatives before starting the dayAnd some to work when they feel most productive.

In addition, want to work from more adventurous The other side of the world To enjoy the city they are in, once the computer is off, that is, to carry out the so-called Blazer Travel.

Blazer Travel

position the birth of the Union of Business travel (business trip) Y Leisure travelthat (Leisure travel). This is a trend that has been in recent years increasing And based on that Extending the stay of a business trip few days plus, So that you can enjoy the environment, the place as if it were a tourist.

This innovative way of mixing work with leisure presents a different Benefits for both Tourism business For tourists. POr This reason has become a trend, which is gaining more popularity over the years.

For those who take these trips, it is an economical way to explore other parts of the world and gain new experiences. Besides being encouraging, something that leads them to work, but at the same time to spend pleasant moments that
They can also share with anyone they want from their family environment, for example.

without a doubt, A happy employee is an employee who performs better. Therefore, companies that implement tourism joy On their work trips they will have more motivated employees, more committed to their tasks and more comfortable working in a company with values, which also cares about the well-being of its workers. This leads to increased productivity and with it better results in the company.

Smart working

The ultimate goal of this labor system is to improve worker efficiency and productivity.


But what if Work-life balance can coexist? The truth is that it no longer seems far from reality, and that work trends that allow combining family and work life are starting to take hold.

Some of the work practices that want to provide employees with such compromises are Smart workingA concept that post-pandemic is, without a doubt, the order of the day.

This trend is a business management strategy based on three main points: Mobility and time flexibility, business goals Y New technology.

The ultimate goal of this labor system is to improve worker efficiency and productivity. To do this, the company puts at your disposal all the technical tools that are necessary to carry out the work optimally, as well as to adapt and adapt the environment of the worker in physical and emotional terms.

This concept, along with those already mentioned viz joy Or Remote workNothing but a clear example of the need to adapt work for people.

And the truth is that adapting to current trends is key, because reconciling professional and personal life, as well as the ability to maintain teleworking, if you already have it, or offer this possibility from any corner of the world, is one. The fact is that it is increasingly valued among users.

65% of Spaniards say that when choosing a company, the second most important factor to consider is the reconciliation of professional and personal life. While nearly all current remote workers expect to continue doing so in the future (96%), according to the study Employer Brand Research 2022 is prepared by Randstad.

But we must be clear Smart working It is not only to provide the content needed by the users, but also flexibility should be the backbone of this discipline to provide the decision of place and time where the user can work more effectively.

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