Nuevo León suspends cross-border vaccination after confrontation in Anahuac

This Cross-Border COVID Vaccination After the interlude, Nuevo Leon was temporarily suspended Civil Force Police Officers and alleged criminals In Anahuk Municipality.

This Monday, an armed group attacked elements of the Civil Force in the municipality, while they were carrying out a special operation. A police officer was killed in this attack.

The Secretary General of the State Government, Javier Navarro, indicated that the program will be suspended until further notice by the Ministry of Health.

“Today vaccination was suspended, now we are going to pay posthumous tributes to the deceased colleague, today it was definitely cancelled,” the official said.

He indicated that the civil force would continue to provide all support to the cross-border vaccination program so that it continues, “if this is seen by the Ministry of Health.”

The secretary said support would be requested to strengthen security in vulnerable areas and in convoys arriving for vaccination with more elements of civilian and military forces.

“We are talking to the Army and the National Guard to support us in that area, we have to patrol and reinforce that area,” he said.

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He added that Anahuac and China municipalities, located near the states of Coahuila and Tamaulipas, are points to be identified. Red in security.

Two arrested for confrontation in Anahuac, Nuevo Leon

This Police of the Civil Force of Nuevo Leon It is reported that two alleged criminals were arrested after a confrontation and repression in the municipality of Anahuac.

He suggested that one of the captured men was identified as a priority target of the civil force, while his identity Plaza boss of the criminal group in Anahuk.

He added that he would be placed at the disposal of the public ministry for his involvement in the attack that claimed the life of a state police agent.

The Security Secretariat of Nuevo León indicated this Monday that Javier Francisco Medina Huerta, 27 years old, was the element that injured one of his legs and was transported by helicopter to a hospital for an operation; However, due to the severity of the injury, he died hours later.

According to the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, from January to August, there have been 8,238 victims of crimes against life and integrity in Nuevo León, of which 897 are intentional murders.

With information from ABC Noticias and Milenio.

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