Pick the wrong number to forget your glasses and win €200,000 in EuroMillions

Sometimes Make a mistake while choosing numbers Lottery draws like EuroMillions can be a real stroke of luck. A large proportion of players choose combinations related to their relatives’ birthdays or special moments in their lives.

But a small mistake while picking this number, was the cause of one of the winners of this European draw Win a prize of around 200,000 euros. His main problem was that when he went to his usual establishment to buy tickets, he forgot to bring the glasses he needed every day, so he didn’t display the numbers correctly.

But it seems so His mistake has resulted in a millionaire, as he became the winner of the draw on 2 September. According to local newspaper Paris Normandy, the case took place in Guipawas, a French city in the west of the country.

Select birth dates

The man, as on other occasions, decided to make a combination based on the date of birth of his relatives, but this time he did not have glasses, so You have selected the wrong numbers. In particular, he made a mistake with his wife’s birthday, so when choosing five numbers and two stars, he inadvertently changed some of them.

When he went to the FDJ center in Plogstal-Doulas the following Monday, he was given a total of 193,666.80 euros. For now, the winner He did not indicate what he would spend his millionaire fortune onBut maybe he’ll forget the glasses the second time after his luck.

Margaret de Micheli had worse luck, a retired woman from the United Kingdom who for a moment He believed he had won around 40 million euros In the EuroMillions draw. However, the reality check came when the administration told him that he was not the winner.

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