Pink salary in Edomex reaches more than 565 thousand women

This Pink salary The governor said, women work 365 days a year for the benefit of their homes and the support that housewives can invest in whatever they want. Alfredo del Mazo Maza, When delivering cards from this program in the municipality of Huixquilucan.

With the Social Development Secretary, Alejandra Del Moral VellaThe State President distributed more than 4,600 cards and assured that today this support is appreciated more than ever, after going through difficult times due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, in which jobs were lost, for which resources can be invested. They want the most.

“Whenever there is support, home help, it’s always appreciated, it’s recognized, it helps, it helps a lot, but now more than ever, because now we have those two very Having come out of difficult years, because jobs have been lost, they’ve closed businesses, they’ve closed companies, and well, these are more difficult times, so it’s always useful, but now it’s even more useful, Because now is when we need it the most,” he said.

In the presence of housewives from the municipalities of Naucalpan de Juárez, Isidro Fabela, Jilotzingo and Huixquilucan, who today joined the program, which already reaches more than 565 thousand women, Mexican governor She explained that Rosa pay accompanies them in various trainings so that they can undertake productive projects that can bring more income to their homes or complete their studies.

The Mexican governor explained that Rosa Saleri accompanies him in various training sessions so that he can carry out the project (Photo: EXCLUSIVE)

She explained that all women have a history of struggle and when asked what they will invest the resource in, they always answer that they will use it for household issues, whether it is for their children’s education, food, attendance. Having a health problem or investing in a business, but always thinking of their family, and so on Pink salary It is in the best hands.

Mess Mess Women who received their pink pay cards today are encouraged to invite their friends and neighbors to join the program, so that it continues throughout time. Mexico And thus reach those who need it most.

In his speech, Head of Social Development Secretariat, Alejandra Del Moral Vela, Pointed out that Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza has placed women at the center of the social policies carried out in the state administration, therefore, seven out of every 10 pesos are invested in the implementation of social programs, of which, six out of every 10 pesos. Directed to the Mexicans.

He explained that, with this effort, it is verified that women in the organization are a priority for the governor, adding that with the pink salary they want to recognize what women do every day to provide for their families, in addition to providing for their families. Opportunity to prepare and generate more income.

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Alfredo Del Mazo thanks Claudia Scheinbaum for her work on behalf of the Valley of Mexico.

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