Pinto will support women in critical situations with a workshop of artistic encounters

The City Council of Pinto has announced a new edition of the Moharara Social Art Workshop, aimed at women going through difficult situations. In it, participants will be able to create a network of mutual support among themselves and share their experiences with the help of artistic disciplines such as theatre, dance or music.

The theater group behind this workshop has participated in other initiatives on the occasion of International Day Against Gender Violence or Women’s Day. It has also organized laughter therapy workshops for the elderly, tributes to Gloria Fuertes or dance and song shows inspired by Maya Angelou.

Neighbors interested in being part of the Social Art Workshop can already register at the Federico García Lorca Municipal Center or the Municipal Building on Italia Street. They can also send Registration sheet a [email protected].

There will also be art therapy for younger children

In addition, Pinto has organized other workshops for children aged 8 to 13 to promote self-esteem and social relationships. In this space, members will be able to know themselves, accept themselves, understand and enjoy their environment through art.

The workshop consists of 10 weekly sessions. Children ages 8 to 10 will attend on Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. For those over 11 but under 13, they can attend at the same time on Wednesday. Once the workshop is over, families will be informed about the participants’ progress.

The registration period for this art therapy workshop is also open and application It can be sent in the same mail as the Social Art Workshop or presented physically in the same buildings, the Federico García Lorca Center or the one on Calle Italia.

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