Roger Federer: 1,000 million euro golden retirement thanks to his wife Mirka’s business


Federer’s wife and mother of his four children, she manages the multimillionaire advertising contract of the tennis player, who has just announced his retirement. A former professional tennis player and a native of Slovakia, he knows all about the racket world and how to make talent profitable.

Roger and Mirka Federer in 2017GTRES

At the age of 41 and after winning 20 Grand Slams, Tennis player Roger Federer has announced his retirement from the world of tennis After decades of successful career. Considered the best grass court player, he hangs up his racket Had great professional, financial and personal achievements. Since its inception in 1998, it is estimated that Federer has billed more than 1,000 million euros. Of which only 130 million corresponds to what was achieved in court. This is besides you in good management of your profitsHis own great merit, last name: Mirka Federer, his wife.

Mirka Federer (or Miroslava Wawrinek) 40 years old knows everything In the world of tennis, on and off the court, she was a professional tennis player until injuries put her on the stand. He came to Switzerland from his native Slovakia at the age of 2 and was Coach of Martina Navratilova. In the year 2000 at the Olympic Games in Sydney (Australia) he met Roger Federer (36) with whom he formed. Swiss tennis team. Today she is, officially, her PR manager or in charge of public relations for her husband, according to ForbesThe seventh athlete is and The first richest tennis player in the world Thanks to the game, but even more so to the advertising deals generated by his mastery of the racket and ball.

Roger Federer He has won the Wimbledon championship eight times. According to TimeIn March 2018, the tennis player signed a 10-year contract with Nike for 9 million euros per year, changing the brand in which he will serve as an image. Federer manages the couple or Mirka as a PR manager and that There has been a significant increase List of parallel contracts agreed to by elite tennis players.

Roger and Mirka were married in April 2009 in their village near Basel and were married the same year. pair of twins, Myla Rose and Charlene. Raised with family in 2014 pair of twins, Leo and Leonard, who their mother sometimes takes to Wimbledon with a goat in the royal box that takes them when the younger children can no longer take the game, even if their father is playing. Mirka has been spotted at Wimbledon this year Blond and more sophisticated than ever.

Federer got married in 2017
Federer got married in 2017GTRES

According to Celebrity Net WorthIn 2017, before signing the most lucrative contract, Roger Federer and, by extension, his PR manager or his wife Mirka, obtained 16 million euros in revenue For the sport and competitions that placed him at the elite of the sport and generated around 70 million euros in advertising contracts with Credit Suisse, Rolex, National Suisse, Lint and Mercedes Benz. Another agreement that touches the bar and is excluded from previous agreements is the one signed with the pasta brand Barilla to promote macaroons, Fusilli or Spaghetti.

Mirka’s presence at the tennis championships is public, however, his hand and influence, critics say, is noticeable off the tennis court. Advertisement to make her husband a tennis player Best payout ever.

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