Rueda celebrates that the Pardo Bazan Medals honor the careers of pioneering women who inspire others to follow the path of equality.

The president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, celebrated this afternoon at the award ceremony for the Emilia Pardo Bazán 2022 medals that this decoration rewards the careers of leading women who inspire others to follow the path of equality.

During his speech, the Galician head of government highlighted the example of the “universal Galician” that gives this distinction its name. “Its lessons are a guide to know where we came from, what we have achieved and what we have yet to achieve so that real equality is less and less a horizon, and more and more a reality”, he pointed out. In the same sense, he said that there is no trick or political discourse that can ignore the fact that women are still victims of inequality. “No hesitation, no step back,” he added.

Besides pointing out that the fight for equality is recognized as a broad and ongoing movement, Rueda highlighted the “undoubted progress” experienced in recent years. In this way, and after acknowledging that Galicia does not start from the same point as the author in the search for a more egalitarian world, “in our days it is essential to promote a society without gender gaps”.

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The president of the Xunta recalled, likewise, the need for girls and boys to have a mirror in which to see themselves, to find athletes, scientists, businessmen or artists who show them that their aspirations have no limits. “Less harmful clichés and more references”, he added, “as president of the junta, but also as a father of two daughters, I will do everything in my power so that all girls and teenagers in Galicia have a present and a future in equality.”

Along the same lines, he also had words of recognition for this year’s recipients of the Emilia Pardo Bazan Medal.

Cristina Fernández, the first lighthouse keeper in Galicia and the second in Spain, praised her “skill, bravery and naturalness” shown as the head of the Cabo Villan lighthouse for 48 years and an example that there is no occupation or territory restricted. women

In the case of the Full Association of Cabana de Bergantinos, the Regional Executive Head highlighted how equality and commitment are at its core, as well as three decades of dedication so that women with disabilities can find jobs that improve your life. autonomously.

Finally, about the Maria Jose Jove Foundation, he highlighted its work so that minors whose homes have been invaded by sexual violence can find another home in the foundation. In this sense, he congratulated the entity for being an example at the state level in animal therapy, so that children can have an emotional and safe environment that allows them to present their experiences in court. In addition, he mentions its founder – who died prematurely two decades ago – and who gives the company its name, as one of the Galician leaders who broke the glass ceiling in the business world.

In conclusion, Alfonso Rueda assured that the Galician government will continue to work to break the gender gap, highlighting the new Galician equality law currently being processed. Regarding this new regulation, he mentioned the fact that it will promote protection against sexual attacks in digital media, that it will recognize the multiple discrimination of women due to disability or age, poverty or immigration, presenting the idea. Linked to labor welfare reconciliation, maternity and teleworking and will create a statute for rural and maritime women.

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