Security in Jalisco to strip woman who tried to rob business in Obregon (Video)

Fed up with insecurity, tenants in Obregon’s commercial area decided to take justice into their own hands and robbed and humiliated a woman who allegedly tried to rob a business.

Recently, a video started circulating on social networks in which a completely naked woman is seen walking down Obregon Street. According to the report, The shopkeepers surprised the woman while she was trying to steal, so they stripped her of her clothes and forced her to walk through the streets..

The events may have occurred last Tuesday, September 13; In the video, which lasts for a few seconds, a woman is seen pulling the hair of the alleged thief as they cross the street.

about, Guadalajara police explained that they received a report of aggressive people at the site, however, when the unit arrived, no one was there..



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