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The 16 September Nick Jonas Enters the third decade of life. member of Hermanos Jonas This joins a long list of former Disney stars who have reached the age of thirty during 2022including names like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato.

Actor, musician, singer, model and businessman are some of the adjectives that we can describe as a person who comes of age as an artist.; Well, it was in 2004 when Nick Jonas stepped onto the Broadway stage as part of the cast of musicals like Beauty and the Beast or Les Miserables. Since then, his career has not stopped growing like a foam, finding himself at the entrance of 30 in one of his best moments both professionally and personally, especially as a result. Married and co-parenting with actress Priyanka Chopra. Next, we review all its aspects.


Also in 2004, he formed the Jonas Brothers Band with his brothers Kevin and Joe Jonas, two years before he would achieve international fame, Nick Jonas released his debut album Nicholas Jonas, a Catholic album (He grew up with his brothers in a very religious environment) with 11 songs with titles such as Dear God, Higher Love or Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer).

However, as we say, It was between 2006 and 2013 when he formed the Jonas Brothers with his brothers.A band with which the trio would taste the honey of success, although it would not be until their second studio album, The Jonas Brothers, after they changed record companies and the first album that gained some relevance in the US market. Wise selling.

then, With his participation in the Disney Channel movies Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2, he will jump into the pond to gather fans following his career. (as solo and as a band) to date. Songs like Year 3000, Hold On, SOS or Burnin’ Up are part of the soundtrack of thousands of people’s lives; And the band’s return in 2019 with a world tour and the release of the album Happiness Begins saw the trio return to the stage after a six-year hiatus that seemed certain. It was this year that the group occupied the LOS40’s number 1 on 2 occasions: with Sucker and Only Human.

Still from 2014 Nick Jonas pursued a solo career as a singer, which includes five studio albums to date (deluxe versions of two of those albums have already been released). As a soloist, he has given us great songs like Close, Jellos or Right Now.


Nick Jonas with his chastity ring in 2008 / Getty Images

Nick Jonas and his siblings were both raised in the Catholic faith, and developed a spirituality that has stayed with them to this day. In fact, all three brothers in the band wore highly visible chastity rings in their public appearances as a symbol of their commitment to remain virgins until marriage. Nick Jonas faced the ring of chastity until 2014, when at the age of 22 he announced that he had decided to give it up after experiencing spiritual growth. And reconsider his decisions as a teenager: “It’s not something I regret. I have to decide what things are most important to me at this point in my life. It is really important. In recent times I have lived an intense spiritual and religious journey which has helped me a lot to grow as a person. My faith in God is very strong and very important to me. That’s all that matters,” he told HuffPost Live.


Without anything to condition your life today, Nick Jonas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13 years old., when he was starting his own venture within the Jonas Brothers and finding success with them. The singer has already confessed in more than one interview the fear he felt when he heard the news, and changed his diet and routine to avoid massive sugar spikes and drops. Since then, and the years have passed, she has become a figure who supports the cause and the image of charity and outreach campaigns to publicize the effects of this disease and how to live a completely normal life.

the actor

After his participation in the Disney Channel successes Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2, Nick Jonas is slowly developing his side as an actor.. We have seen him in two films which are part of the Jumanji remake or Be Careful What You Wish For. On the fantasy plane, Nick Jonas made a capitular appearance Hannah MontanaIn addition to highlighting his participation in series such as Kingdom, where he played the role of boxer Nate Kulina, leaving us with a large number of high-voltage images or scream queens.

husband and father

Like any self-respecting celebrity, Nick Jonas has lived a love story that makes us long in the tooth. Currently married to Priyanka Chopra (both for rituals), the two interpreters first made contact at the 2017 Oscars after party and, most notably, at that year’s MET Gala.

Both dressed in Ralph Lauren and with only one previous conversation via Twitter messages, the two reunited at separate events during that year and a year later, in 2018, there was a time when the relationship was so close that they got engaged that same year. was , becoming one of the most integrated couples in the audiovisual industry at this time. SimilarlyIn early 2022, they became parents to a girl through surrogacy.


Over the years, moreover, Nick Jonas is developing his career as an entrepreneur and businessmanBoth alone and with his brothers or his wife Priyanka Chopra.

He has developed his own coir brand Villa One, with fashion designer John Varvatos; Backstage at Rob’s Popcorn, his popcorn brand, with his brothers; or emu (a hand soap). Both he and his wife are major investors and imagers in Perfect Moments, a luxury sports brand.And with his brothers, is the founder of a family restaurant that bears the name and offers his grandmother’s recipes on its menu: Nellie’s Southern Kitchen.

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