Tenerife Bar Association hosts ‘Concerned Women’ meeting

Concerned women were the scene last Thursday of the meeting of the famous Bar Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Icatf). A meeting between the influential women of Tenerife to value their relevance in our local society.

Participating in the meeting were Maria Teresa Maynes, sub-delegate of the government in the province of Las Palmas; Kika Fumero Purriños, Canarian Institute for Equality (ICI); Carina Gonzalez Gonzalez, director of the University Institute for Women’s Studies at the University of La Laguna (ULL); Elsa Guerra Jimenez, founding member of ANCA Architecture; María Concepcion Brito Núñez, Mayor of Candelaria and current President of the Canarian Federation of Municipalities (FACOM); Juana Fortuny, artist; Pilar Rasillo and Mercedes del Molino, Magistrates and Counselors of the Cabinet of the Minister of Justice, and Milagrosa Pacheco Pérez, Vice-Dean of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bar Association.

During the day in Tenerife, the Minister of Justice, Pilar Lope, presented the President of the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Gustavo Matos, who has been practicing law since 1997, with the Cross of Honor of the Order of Saint Raimundo de Penafort. For legal quality. The event was attended by the Dean of the Illustrious Bar Association of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, José Manuel Niederlatner García-Liberos, and the Secretary of the Governing Board, María Esther Medina Castilla. The distinction was granted by the Ministry of Justice at the request of the aforementioned collegiate body, with the President of the Regional Chamber concerned with his collegiate status and with it seeking to recognize his contribution to both his legal work and the application of law. In the scope of his professional practice and in the public, he has held various responsibilities in recent years. Matos said on Twitter: “I had the great honor to receive the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Raimundo de Penafort this week from Minister @pilar_llop. A recognition also for those who, coming from humble origins, work to make their way in the world of law. I miss my parents.”

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