The crisis in startups reflects the lack of more funding and acceleration focused on women

BOGOTA — The Colombian entrepreneurial ecosystem needs a boost More investment funding and acceleration with a focus on women and women’s empowerment A wave of layoffs, less available capital, amid a challenging outlook, among other factors, are hitting these companies harder in many cases, Nadia Sanchez, founder of the She-Is Foundation, told Bloomberg Line.

“The diversification of women-only investment funds has fueled that more entrepreneurs or start Applications are encouraged. Before, they were usually funds and we couldn’t measure them. Many of them did not reach the funds startBusiness models or ideas led by women”, he commented.

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The renowned businessman, orator and philanthropist said in an interview that although there are already first ones viz The Women Undertakes Fundwhich was activated last year with an initial capital of $20,000 million from the Colombian government, This issue needs to be looked into so as not to cause more women entrepreneurs to give up and get laid off.

Nadia Sánchez, “In order not to end up with the cuts that are being generated in the country, more efforts should be made to make visible what is already there.”

Report statistics Columbia Tech Report 2021From KPMG, suggests that there is a gender gap in the list of founders start The country is big, since Male participation is 96% and female participation is only 4%.

The issue of visibility of women entrepreneurship is certainly one of the most challenging issues for the local ecosystem, In which women have a fundamental role in areas like social innovationAs she has met Eze.

Other initiatives currently exist in the country, viz Women’s Tech AcceleratorLed by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, which aims to promote strategy, marketing, financial management, technology and transactional skills. It also publishes accelerators and incubators aimed at women InsituBGwhich operates in Valle del Caca.

Among other initiatives, Nadia Sanchez highlights that within the framework of the forum organized by the She-Is Foundation “First Social Impact Bond with Gender Equity Launched”.

Among other measures, the executive referred to the government’s policies on tax issues, as she pointed out that 8 out of every 10 companies that open in the country close before completing the second year.

“And it’s a very high number. Out of those eight it turns out that half are women or sometimes not even half because they don’t even risk continuing before the cycle decline”, he pointed out.

Amidst the open debate in recent days by start As for tax reform, Nadia Sanchez considers it key Benefits in fiscal policies are focused on the ecosystem and this makes a differenceWithout specifically mentioning the project of Govt.

Linked to the above, she felt it necessary to continue working so that these social enterprises are run by women Join global value chains.

For this to happen, he said, it is important These incentives exist to hire women-led companies To link those products or services to global value chains. “The issue of public policies, legislation, decrees is very beautiful, but how do we go from paper to land and ensure both the entire ecosystem and the private sector, suppliers, customers. Stakeholders, With both tax and economic growth incentives, these women-led companies can certainly hire”, he pointed out.

Sanchez also believes that building those bridges with potential buyers is essential to the survival of women’s businesses: “There’s all the training, the reinforcement, but they get to a point, and that’s where the decline happens because they have no outlet for the market.”

Similarly, it is essential that the ecosystem is revitalized and these businesses can grow as a network, because “There are so many businesses. start And companies are led by women, but they don’t know each other, so they’re all on different paths”.

The challenge is “how to integrate the entire ecosystem so that they can not only show themselves, but join together to generate guilds that can deal with the multiple requests of customers.”

“And I want to give you an example, they were asking for flower export issues in Colombia. And there was one company led by women, but there were three other companies, They did not want to be integrated and therefore it was not possible to complete the integration with the global value chain. And that’s where I’m going: make that market visible and strong to unite and generate,” he said.

Among the lines of work of the She-Is Foundation, one stands out for strengthening access to STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), defined by Nadia Sanchez. “Like a huge gap not only in the country but in Latin America.”

The executive leads the strategy called He is a virtual astronautIn the framework of which they have conducted two expeditions to the NASA space center, the last one with the participation of 35 girls. “This year was the second girls’ mission and it will continue, every year we have about 270 beneficiaries per country, because we also have the program virtually,” he says.

This strategy is complemented by She is a global forumListed as Latin America’s largest gender equality forum or center of social and economic innovation She is EsmeraldaOf which they already have four to create tools for employment or entrepreneurship among women aged 18 to 55.

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