The hoax about the veil that poisoned the neighborhood act in Barcelona | Catalonia

Silvia Orioles found a job as a councilor in Ripoll (Girona), presenting herself in 2015 for the list of the ultra, pro-independence and xenophobic Front Nacional de Catalunya party. She then resigned from FNC (or FNC resigned from her) and founded her own creation Alianca Catalana which is xenophobic, ultra and pro-independence. Orioles has little political relevance but has 17,000 followers on Twitter, where he defines himself as: “Councilor of Villa de Ripoll County. Mother of five Catalans and promoter of Alianca Catalana”. Last Saturday, September 17, he spread, certainly thanks to his Twitter account, a lie. He published a photograph showing five women covering their faces with Islamic veils, hijabs and burkas, and the following message (written in Catalan): “Exhibition of Islamic veils in Sant Antoni market. European feminists organize events to promote and normalize inappropriate and provocative elements. No, girls, you’re not a feminist… you’re an Islamic. He added hashtags in the comments such as #SalvemCatalunya #NoHijab #ProuIslamPolític. His tweet received over 400 retweets. In addition to the Orioles, several Twitter profiles were launched on Saturday to accuse Mayor Ada Colau’s government of allowing burqas and burqa parades at Sant Antoni Market. All, intentionally or not, lied.

EL PAÍS has verified the origin of the controversial images. There was actually a feminist movement against this type of dress. The day was held on September 17 in Tamarit Street next to Sant Antoni Market and was baptized. First meeting of women of Saint Anthony. The program was organized by the Neighborhood Association of Saint Antony, Indian Culture Center, Donnes de Bangladesh, Mujeres Pa’lante… and ACESOP (Associación Cultural Educativa i Social Operative de Donnes Pakistanis) and was especially supported in logistics. , Barcelona City Council. Between 10:00 and 16:30, workshops, dances, talks, discussions and other activities were held on a stage next to the market.

Rocio Villaro is the spokesperson for feminism at the St. Anthony Neighborhood Association. “We have prepared for a year for this day to claim feminism and fight patriarchy across the world. Our neighborhood has neighbors of many nationalities and we gave them space to explain their struggles to us”, recalls Villaro.

Certainly, it was the turn of the workshop organized by ACESOP on Saturday morning at 11:30 am. ACESOP President Huma Jamshed came on stage with five women dressed in various Islamic burqas and veils. The organizers were both describing the characteristics of the veil and claiming a new act of feminism at the end of the narration, by removing her clothes and showing her hair. Jamshed replied that most Pakistanis do not wear the burqa for religious or cultural reasons and remarked: “They wear it because of the patriarchal mentality that women have somehow adopted.” The president of ACESOP presented further questions from the audience and concluded: “I am not dependent on anyone. I earn my resources to live… I enjoy the freedom of this country free from violence. And I thank those who have helped me live in a violence-free country.” Jasmed thus disagreed with the sexual policies and actions of Islamic countries.

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Villaro discovered on Saturday afternoon that some profiles on social networks, including Oriol, but “especially men” used images of the act and turned criticism into praise. “There are also videos where the burkha was described and the tweeters unabashedly asserted that the use of the burqa was being supported. They have used the act of feminism to turn it around and lie”, laments Villaro.

Some feminist profiles this weekend tried to deny tweets that didn’t fit reality. However, the lie was already going around many times. In fact, even the Barcelona City Council itself, which only supported the act, had to deny the accusations that are still circulating on the networks.

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