The mother faked her abduction, blamed the Hispanic women, and a DNA test gave her up

It took several years for the American justice system to clear up the alleged case of abduction of a woman and, on the contrary, now she will be punished. Advances in DNA technology solved everything.

This is Sherry Papini, the 40-year-old California woman who kidnapped herself in 2016. And blamed Hispanic women for what happened.

It was in November 2016, when the woman was reported missing He reportedly went jogging near his home in Shasta County, Northern California, United States.

Three weeks passed and the woman was found injured and alone on the road some 225 kilometers away. After taking the help of the police Papini told authorities she was abducted by two masked Spanish-speaking women.

In her story, she also told the authorities that these women They kept her chained in a closet, while they threatened her with a pistol And, they even managed to mark it with a hot tool.

With the woman’s story, the authorities began an investigation to find the whereabouts of the alleged Hispanic kidnappers, but for years the authorities could not obtain results and vice versa. Papini received more than $30,000 from the state in victim compensation funds.

However, in 2020 all his lies fell to the ground, then FBI investigators managed to link DNA from her clothing to an ex-boyfriendwho admitted that Papini’s alleged abduction was a hoax.

Now the woman, according to a Justice Department statement, She was sentenced this Monday, September 19, to a year and a half in prison.

Judge William B. The autopsy revealed that Papini, 40, was sentenced to 18 months in prison followed by 36 months of supervised release, It was all a lie and after pleading guilty in April to fraud and making false statements.

Even American Justice Sherry Papini was ordered to pay nearly $310,000 in restitution.

In this case, the prosecutor said that the woman was cheating It wastes resources and causes the police to investigate innocent targets.

“Papini planned and executed a sophisticated kidnapping scam.And then continued his false statements for years after his return with no regard for the harm he caused to others. (…). As a result, state and federal investigators devoted limited resources to Papini’s case for nearly four years before independently learning the truth: that she had not been kidnapped or tortured,” prosecutors said in opening arguments, according to CNN..

The kidnapping of a young man in Colombia took an unexpected turn

“This is a very boring pain”, they were The words of the father of young Nicolás Picón, who was kidnapped on August 24 in Aguachica, Cesar. Uncertainty about his knowledge of his whereabouts haunted the abductee’s family for several days, while recalling and seeing images of how he was taken from his own home caused pain.

The 16-year-old student managed to return to his family after several operations by the public force. “After the kidnapping, on August 24, Aguachica, Cesar, who was forcibly removed from his own home in incidents recorded by the site’s security cameras, was deployed by the National Police’s Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Directorate. operational capabilities to find those responsible for this act,” Police Goula reported at the time.

But the matter did not stop there with the release of the youth. Investigators continued their investigation until they revealed that a network that worked for dissidents from the FARC, the 33rd Front, or the ELN, was behind Picon’s kidnapping.

“From the beginning, the police set up an interdisciplinary team whose aim was to achieve the safe and sound return of the 16-year-old student.. Despite the financial demands on the family, the Goula Convention was closing the fence until it found a place of confinement in the countryside of Norte de Santander. Finally, on September 7, Under the watchful eye of the criminals, the young man escaped and returned to his home in Aguachica,” the authority declared.

“By going through security cameras, testimonies and other material evidence, investigators reconstructed a timeline to trace the whereabouts of the perpetrators of this crime,” Goula said.

After receiving the information Importantly after the reconstruction of the case, Kucha alias a man was arrested, who may have planned the abduction of the teenager to hand him over to his members. N.

“It’s amazing that this guy took advantage Circumstances of being close to the family, as he had been working with him for a long time without realizing it himself.type of suspicion”, the investigation revealed.

One of the uniformed men who worked In the case, he suggested that alias Kucha was considered a stepson by Picone’s relatives.

“At the time of capture, images of alias Kucha were found with which he intended to re-appear as a housemate to attract the attention of the authorities and prevent the investigation from focusing on him. However, when he felt that he was not going to achieve his goal, he bought a ticket to travel to Spain on September 20,” Goula said.

Similarly, alias Diber was also caught. who would have coordinated all the logistics for the abduction and driven the vehicle in which the youth was taken, As recorded on security cameras.

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