The municipality offers negotiations to promote the creation of enterprises

During the morning, the municipality of Salta gave a talk in the municipal theater, located in Paraguay 1,240, for the neighborhood beneficiaries of the work enhancement program of the nation’s socio-productive inclusion and local development area.

During the meeting organized by the Municipality’s Undersecretary for Women, various topics were offered, where useful tools needed to develop a business and take care of the future family economy were established.

In this regard, the Undersecretary for Women, Gabriela Gaspar said: “From the program for the protection of victims of domestic violence, we manage the empowerment plan for victims of gender violence. This has to do with empowerment and promoting economic autonomy. The purpose of creating these spaces and generating these resources is to allow women to have their own businesses.

“From the administration of the mayor, Bettina Romero, we work hard on the economic autonomy of women. In the same way, it is already the second year in a row that tools for trade are provided from the employment office for all those who want to work and do not have the possibility”, concluded the official.

During the day, moreover, the requirements of being able to undertake the enterprise and the advantages it implies were established. The importance of having a clear mission, vision and competency, marketing and advertising, and operational and financial structure was established.

For her part, Nahir Barakat, who gave a talk describing her life experience, expressed: “I am grateful to the municipality, because it supported me after the situation of gender violence I was going through. I had the opportunity to be selected from the Work Potential Program and thus be able to invest in my own growth. Today I have two businesses because of the good tools I got for money management and investing.”

“The objective of the meeting was to empower other women with my experience, advice and strategies for new venture and future growth in personal and family economy,” Barkat concluded.

Laura Martinez, Undersecretary of the Employment Office of the Entity for Economic Development, Education and Training for the Promotion of Employment, also participated in the discussion.

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