The Red Cross provides a telephone “direct line” to 312 victims of abuse in Jane.

Meeting with Red Cross officials in Jane’s capital. / Ideal

In one year, the number of users of the telephone service for attention and protection for victims of gender violence (AtenPro) increased by 20%.

The Telephone Service for Attention and Protection for Victims of Gender Violence (Atenpro) provides coverage to 312 users in Jane province, about 20 percent more than last year, when there were 262.

This was indicated on Monday by the deputy representative of the government, Catalina Madueno, during a meeting with the heads of the Red Cross, in the province of Jane this “manages essential resources so that these women feel safe, protected and protected. Together”.

“This service was launched in 2004 and, since then, it has served more than 126,000 women across the country,” explained Madueno, who met with Jose Boyano, provincial president of the Red Cross; The manager of the NGO, Miguel Angel Jane, and the coordinator of the project, Maria Eugenia Castro.

Through this service, women victims of gender-based violence receive a specific mobile terminal, which is connected to the Red Cross service center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, “which offers psycho-social support from its technical capacity and qualified professionals.” .

“Its basic aim is that women who may be victims of some form of violence feel safe and stay together during the process of leaving this situation, as an environment of trust is provided and immediate intervention resources are mobilized if necessary. ,” clarified.

With the right technology, AtenPro provides immediate care to victims so that they can at any time approach a center attended by specially trained personnel to adequately respond to their needs.

Thus, it basically offers security, but also peace of mind, support, information and advice. Along the same lines, Madueno points out that “women users of this resource will always have a direct and personal communication channel for any need related to gender violence.”

“They have a professional and sensitive voice to deal with any question or any scenario that may arise, for emotional control and psychological support. And here the role of the Red Cross is essential,” he said.

Additionally, Red Cross service center professionals call users regularly to see how they are doing and if they have any new needs. In case of emergency calls, from the telephone terminal provided to them, technicians can immediately locate the person via GPS and manage the request for help, mobilizing all the necessary material and human resources from state corps and forces to health. services.

According to the latest statistical report of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, corresponding to the month of July 2022, there are 3,165 registered active users of the Atenpro service in Andalusia, of which 312 correspond to Jane.

Comprehensive response

Access to this resource is through social service centres. “It is these professionals from the municipalities or the provincial council, who evaluate the suitability of the resource based on two essential criteria: first is that they do not live with the person or persons who have abused them; second is for the victims of gender violence that exist in the region Participating in special care programs”, he clarified.

The sub-delegate emphasized that Jane Red Cross has a wide range of programs, which seek to respond comprehensively to the needs of women victims of gender-based violence, and focus on prevention, care, awareness and education. In addition to providing psychological and social-labor support to facilitate their social inclusion.

“It has trained professionals who attend to the demands of users and ensure their safety and security. It not only attends to the demands that women may raise from time to time, but also contemplates scheduled actions of a preventive nature, contacting the beneficiaries from time to time for permanent monitoring,” he said.

Finally, a representative of the central executive in Jan province has emphasized that “it is about joining efforts and resources to permanently eradicate all forms of violence against women.”

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