The Southern Women’s Fund will celebrate its 15th anniversary with a panel discussion between activists and academics.

Asunción, IP Agency.- The Southern Women’s Fund (FMS), this Friday, September 23, celebrates 15 years of establishment, for this reason it invites interested parties to participate in an exchange table between activists, academics and feminist militants.

The Southern Women’s Fund (FMS) is a foundation that mobilizes resources and provides financial, technical and political support to organizations promoting women’s rights, diverse identities and sexualities in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Since 2017, he has also coordinated a regional outreach program – Leading from the South – in Latin America and the Caribbean. During this decade and a half, we have supported 406 organizations and 10,185 workers.

An appointment is scheduled for this Friday from 5:00 pm at the Hotel Esplanade, Asuncion, on this occasion there will be a table of exchange between activists, academics and feminist militants.

They will be joined by, among others, FMS founder and popular teacher Mabel Busaniche; Carmen Collazo, counselor at FMS, academic and activist for women’s and diversity rights; Claudia Corol, popular teacher and feminist communicator, member of Feministas del Abya Yala and Clyde Soto, human rights defender, activist and part of the Center for Documentation and Studies (CDE, Paraguay).

There will also be a craft fair, a presentation of the fanzine Historias de Mujeres del Sur, guest artists and a closing toast.

Important: This is a closed event, by invitation. If you are interested in participating, you can reply to this email

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