The USS Project benefits women who are victims of gender-based violence

More than 90 users of the Concepcion Women’s Center will receive clinical and educational interventions to improve their oral health, including workshops focused on self-esteem, self-care and violence-free relationships.

implement Clinical and educational activities Which contributes to improving the oral health of women The objective of the project is Link with environment make a smileAn initiative that will benefit more 90 users of Mahila Kendrawho will be served in San Sebastian University, Concepcion Campus.

Patricia Maurera, Director of Dentistry Courses at HeadquartersEmphasized the importance of oral health for women, in addition to highlighting the work of USS students, who will collaborate with them in the work to achieve. a A better smile. “This activity will be very positive for our students, as they will not only be able to put their knowledge into practice, but also help those who need it,” he said.

for its part, Alexander Silva, School of Dentistry’s Environmental Engagement Academic and Project Leaderhighlighted that the health promotion and prevention workshops would be face-to-face this year, and explained that students of Postgraduate Dental Specialization in Oral Rehabilitation. “We have a goal Full discharge at 40% Users who were partially discharged last year

On behalf of Mayor Alvaro Ortiz, Maria Belen Calcagno, Chief of Staff of the Municipality of Concepción, She valued making its facilities available to users of the USS Women’s Center. “This endorsement is very important, because For them it is a new impulse in their life“, he expressed.

Workshop on Violence

As part of the inauguration of the project, workshops were organized on self-esteem, self-care and violence-free relationships, including Viviana Vidal, Regional Director of the Program for the Prevention of Violence Against Women at the Women’s Center of Concepcion, explained the importance of creating open relationships. “We also exercised Strengthen self-esteem And give tips on how to set up Healthy relationships and friendships”, he pointed out.

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