The “Weaving Sorority” project, an example of good practices in the fight against gender violence

Professionals from the Los Monegros Regional Center for Social Services and women participating in the “Weaving Sorority” project traveled to Huesca last week to promote this pioneering initiative, as part of the “Promotion for effective equality between men and women” course. INAEM’s professional certification training manual is entitled “Analysis of Gender Violence and Detention and Care Processes of Women in Situations of Violence”.

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The Weaving Sorority is a mutual aid network among women to support victims of gender violence promoted by the Los Monegros Regional Social Service Center. The actions of this tool started in 2021 in Los Monegros, with the support of the CONCILIA project, and this year they are financed by a collaboration agreement with the IAM and are already implemented in other regions.

A social worker, Elena Planas, and a psychologist, Encarna Palma, from a team of professionals from the Los Monegros Regional Center for Social Services, were in charge of explaining the project with two women who were gender-based victims. violence and they have participated in the “Weaving Sorority” since its inception. Both shared their experiences in the project, how they felt and what they got out of it.

In this sense, they agreed that the “weaving sorority” has enriched them a lot and they evaluated it very positively, “especially because during the process of starting a new life you feel alone and you miss knowing and knowing There are other women going through it too. The same thing as you, whom we have thanks to this project. It’s time to make it visible that you can get out of this,” they added. Likewise, they pointed out that their families have also noticed their positive evolution by participating in the project and affirmed that “we know that we have a better understanding of what we experience when working in theory and hand-in-hand with professionals on gender violence.” How to manage. Grateful for his work.” and support; We have another way to face life and continue to grow as people and we are very grateful for this project.”

During the intervention, professionals and participants explained the origin of the “weaving sorority”, what gender violence is and the psychological process of the victim at the entrance to the labyrinth of violence and the difficulties of getting out or what it means to be a professional social. A support network that helps women victims of gender violence.

The conversation was very emotional and interesting in the opinion of the students of the training activity they participated at the invitation of the management and teachers of the “Huesca Training Center”. This activity also adds to the dissemination of the project. In fact, one of its objectives is for participating women to be involved in the spread of “weaving sisterhood” and to become active agents in the fight against gender-based violence, as this favors their personal process of recovering their identity and, as professionals, , they are very rich. There are also activities”, explained Elena Planas.

The “Weaving Sorority” continues with excellent results in Los Monegros and currently has the participation of six women from the region who meet monthly to weave a base that facilitates their recovery. All of them completed their basic training in the first edition of 2021 and now they continue with more specialized training, so that they can participate in the dissemination of the project, as well as in the programming of activities and in the shaping of individuals. Help that they can contribute to the recovery of other victims,” says Planas.

“Weaving Sorority” aims to raise awareness about the causes and consequences of gender violence and empower women who are in various stages of recovery from abuse, who receive training and who later help with their testimony, experience and support. Other women of the region. It was born from the need of the Regional Center for Social Services of the Los Monegros region to implement a tool that the women themselves demanded.

The “Weaving Sorority” is included in the collaboration agreement actions between the IAM and the Los Monegros region, financed by funds from the state agreement, to carry out training actions and campaigns on the prevention and awareness of gender violence.

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