The women of “Live Badly and Say Good.”

After a long journey, exploring not only historical sources but also personal reflections, part of the historical survey conducted by Karina Carreno on the phenomenon of female prostitution will be presented. On this occasion, actress Gabriela Faliven will stage the main passages of the work so far.

This proposal is a clear invitation from the Director of Gender and Cultural Heritage Coordinator of Tandil Municipality to continue to rediscover our local history and women’s history in particular.

How were those women who entered the world of brothels? How did they communicate with “others” and “others” from the visibility of their names and their voices? Sanction and regulation means the observation of stories that assume the status of “public women” and in more than one case, usually despite themselves, when they lose their relation to society.

Most notably, when they stopped fulfilling their “natural gender roles,” the norm allowed them to form basic notions of new identities that they were not initially aware of.

This exhibition conference allows the approach of these themes from a historical reflection, but at the same time current.

The appointment is Friday, September 23, 8:00 pm, at the Brotherhood Theater (April 4, 1371).

Free and free admission (until the room capacity is exhausted).

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