The women will direct the police school in Ecuador where Belen Bernal disappeared

Quito, Sep 19 (EFE).- Ecuador’s police high school will be directed by women, after the disappearance inside the police precinct of lawyer Maria Belen Bernal, who went to visit her husband, a police officer. The main suspect is missing, and whose whereabouts are unknown.

The announcement was made this Monday at a press conference by the Minister of the Interior, Patricio Carrillo, after considering the need to “restructure the educational system” of Ecuador’s national police.

“In that sense, we have arranged that the strategic direction of the Higher Police School is under the government of women. Today the new director and the new team that will manage the curriculum and direct the group of instructors. Carrillo said..

The head of the Interior portfolio assured that the change would be “all about gender equality” and that “there will be a majority of women training the new police”.

“This issue must result. It is a complex crime that shames us. It shames not only the police, it shames Ecuadorian society in terms of macho culture,” he added.

Carrillo also announced that in the next few hours all those who “by action or omission” contributed to the disappearance of Maria Belen Bernal in the early hours of last Sunday, September 11, will be fired from the police.

Last week, the minister confirmed that the lawyer went to the Superior Police School, located north of Quito, to bring food to her husband, German Caceres, an instructor at that police complex, but they never had a record of it. Departure..

The prime suspect left through the back door in Bernal’s vehicle hours later, which was not searched, and his whereabouts remain unknown after first giving a statement to the prosecutor’s office after his wife filed a missing complaint.

“We will find Caceres anywhere. The police have very successful investigative teams,” Carrillo assured.

“We have search teams on the alleged culprit and we are not going to let him go. Under the rocks, wherever he is in the world, we will find him and hand him over to the administration of justice,” he added.

Search operations for MarĂ­a Belen Bernal also continue in various areas around Quito, with the minister refusing to consider her dead because “technically she is missing.”

The case of Maria Belen Bernal has sparked national outrage in Ecuador because it took place inside a police facility, prompting feminist groups and other citizens to take to the streets to demand that the disappeared be found as soon as possible. Suspicious

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