They blame a “package killer” for four new deaths of women

A convicted murderer from Missouri, already serving a life sentence, was horribly connected Four women died By whom was killed More than three decades ago the so-called “package killer”. Authorities announced they are charging 73-year-old Gary Muehlberg with four new counts of first-degree murder in the unsolved cases of four women who disappeared in the 1990s.

victims Robin Meehan, 18 years oldBrenda Pruitt, 27 no, Donna Reitmeier, 40, and Sandilittle, 21, were found in makeshift containers in three Missouri counties. One woman’s body was strung between two mattresses, while the other victim’s body was hidden in a wooden box.

According to the newspaper, two other bodies of the victims were stuffed in a garbage can; All four were mothers, According to the reports of the American newspaper The New York Post.

He claims he regrets it. Photo: Special.

He is a confessed murderer

Muhlberg confessed to strangling all four women O’Fallon detectives reopened a case in 2008 after DNA evidence linked the murder to a suspected serial killer, authorities said at a news conference.

“I joined police operations to work on these types of cases. When I first started investigating, the fact that a woman’s body was found in a box in our jurisdiction (and never solved) blew my mind” O’Fallon Detective said. Sergeant Jody Weber.

He was convicted in 1995 of murdering a man. Photo: Special.

The four victims were connected to an area known for prostitution at the time, said St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar, one of three prosecutor’s offices to file charges. “I must be lateBut his family has not been forgotten,” Lohmer said in a message.

Muehlberg had already been convicted of murder in 1995 After killing a man in a money dispute. Prosecutors spoke with Muehlberg after DNA linked him to one of the murders and agreed to forgo the death penalty if he cooperated, Lohmar said.

The cause has not been determined

In August, Muhlberg sent Weber a letter expressing remorse for his abominable actions, calling it “a short, dark, negative period of (my) past life.” I have to live with my past: Good and bad parts. The run is over,” documented a local media outlet called the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The subject confessed to the second murder, but has not yet been charged as police continue to investigate the case. Donna Reitmey, the victim’s daughterR, He was happy Knowing that the man was accused.

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