They invite fun marches against violence against women

In search of Elimination of violence against womenThis Sunday will be the second edition Great Family Aerobic Walk “Ivana Rosales” In the capital of Neuquen.

is an activity organized by Undersecretary for Womendepending on Ministry of Women and DiversityAs an initiative to continue, with the support of the legislature and the municipality of Neuquén Raise sensitivity and awareness about violence.

Walking is A recreational and sporting activity that takes place in the context of the Provincial Day of Combating All Violence Against Women and to pay tribute to Ivana Rosales, who died from injuries sustained by her ex-partner.

try to The murder of a woman Ivan Rosales It left an impression on all the women of the region who were affected by such an event. Provincial Director of Sexual equalityElizabeth Soto, expresses, “Her struggle is always present, that’s why we want to continue to remember her and continue to work on what she left us, which is to raise awareness and continue to work to eradicate family violence. to keep.”

Let’s walk together for a violence free life» That’s the slogan that calls for the activity to take place in the plateau and fenced area west of the city of Neuquen, open to the whole community and free of charge.

According to the report, Validation will start in the 9th street Lago Viedma and Osvaldo Soriano (Almafuerte neighborhood), The place where the walk will also begin, But you can also pre-register For this form.

Similarly, The first 500 people to register will receive a t-shirt distinguishing the march.

The Provincial Director directed the route to be taken There will be two route options, one 3 kKilometer is designed for people who are walking for the first time or who have some difficulty with mobility and another 8kKilometers for those accustomed to physical activity.

It will be the second edition of the Great Aerobic March open to the entire community

For his part, the minister Women and DiversityMaria Eugenia Ferrareso, highlights that “this is an activity formulated on a very important day in the fight against violence against women, but it is also part of the agenda of actions carried out by the Ministry in the region and in conjunction with the Commission. Neighborhood residents, to raise awareness , to make visible and continue to advance on the path to eliminate all forms of violence”

He also recalled: “If you or someone you know is going through a violent situation, call 148A free, confidential line, with trained staff to advise and accompany you, a line open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”.

Who was Ivana Rosales?

Ivana Emilce RosalesAt the age of 41, A Symbol and symbol of victims of gender violence in Neuquen.

Survived the disturbing events caused by it Her former partner, Mario Garoglio, who tried to kill him twice in one nightBut once again Argentina was the victim of injustice.

The woman died at her home in Plottier in 2017, suffering from epilepsy as a sequel. Because her ex-husband tried to kill her by methods suffocation Y Brutally hit him on the head with stones In the year 2002.

After Ivana’s death, her daughter Abril Rosales has taken up the cause and continues to fight hard against it. Gender violence and against sexual exploitation.

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