They launch a call to entrepreneurs in support of breast cancer survivors in La Laguna

To support women who have survived breast cancer and those still in the process, a group of entrepreneurs come together to invite more entrepreneurs to join the cause so that more people can benefit. The purpose of this is to purchase a cancer wig and give them a service or product that they offer as a thank you for their fight.

From the authorities of the Lagunaera region of Coahuila and Durango, they expect your support to be able to organize a small market and thus offer their products so that the goal can be greater.

Monica Valenzuela and Ilse Primero, they are the organizers of the movement called “Together We Are Stronger”, with which they want to connect with entrepreneurs and with their contribution achieve the purchase of 20 to 25 cancer wigs.. This is the third edition and intention this yearTo be able to run a little market there must be some authority support and thus, that society knows them and knows the purpose of the campaign.

The last edition of the campaign was conducted in 2020 And 29 women, both survivors and those still in the process, benefited, thanks to the participation of local merchants who joined by contributing cash as well as offering some of their products or services.

The call for entrepreneurs will end on September 25, and then a series of meetings will begin to brief them about the project. intention The search for beneficiaries is scheduled to begin from October 1 30 October to show your support.

According to Monica Vanzuela, the idea is to “liberate” these women and above all to thank them for not giving up, “It’s also to raise awareness among the rest of the women,” she said.

Those interested in joining the cause can contact Monica Valenzuela at 87-11-62-42-77 and Ilse Primero at 87-17-27-47-76, as well as message the Facebook page at We Are More Powerful is .

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