They rescued 17 women victims of white slavery after raiding Lomas

As El Diario Sur learned, the operation was deployed in 8 judicial departments that include suburbs and other Buenos Aires districts including Lomas de Zamora, Avellaneda-Lanus, Quilmes, Morón, San Martín, Azul and Mar del Plata.

Thus, after an extensive investigation lasting several months to identify the locations of the victims, the relevant crime department, with the support of various prosecutors, security forces, immigration officials and the Provincial Directorate of Access to Justice and Assistance. Victims, conducted raids which resulted with positive results.

I also read:

They killed the son of a Lomas officer who had gone to Santa Fe to look for a motorcycle: they shot him in the neck.

Staff from the Program for the Rescue and Accompaniment of People Affected by Trafficking Crimes provided support and assistance to 17 victims between the ages of 14 and 44 who were rescued during the raid, including Lomas de Zamora.

According to an official statement from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, Rescued women received support, guaranteed a safe home where they could restart their lives, as well as access to legal advice and health care.

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