They scam a woman out of 24,000 euros in cryptocurrency

Mossos has arrested two men accused of defrauding a woman of a total of 24,000 euros in fraudulent sales of mining materials. Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Catalan police reported in a statement this Sunday that two men aged 39 and 43 were arrested last Wednesday by agents at the police station. Baix Penedescharged with the offense of cheating.

The investigation into the case began last March when a woman informed Mossos that during a trip abroad she met a man who explained to her that, among other businesses, he was engaged in mining. Bitcoin.

in Castelldefels

After returning, the victim got interested in that business and went there Castelldefels (Barcelona), where the person he met and one of his partners told him how to invest in his company.

Dealing with Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency where crime is rampant

The woman, as they explained, had to make an initial investment to be able to buy the materials needed for bitcoin mining, so earlier this year she transferred 24,000 euros to that company.

Thereafter, the victim demanded the delivery of documents justifying the investment or materials purchased for mining cryptocurrency.

The men, according to the woman, explained that they themselves would install equipment at their company headquarters to work in the mining industry, or that they were in the process of selling the purchased products and thus return the money, or that they would return the money in a few months.

False that they were going to return the money

Since the woman did not find her investment materials or documents, she reported the facts to Mossos, who identified the two men, verified the existence of the company and also the transfer of 24,000 euros.

In the investigation, the agents verified that the detainee’s attempts to return the money were false and Computer equipment They really wanted to sell for 10,000 euros.

After giving a statement at the police station, the detainees were released with an obligation to appear in court if required.

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