Tijarafe women are trained to make traditional costumes

More than a dozen women have completed a traditional dress-making workshop that began in Tijarafe last June. During this time, attendees learned about the trades of artisans, making parts of traditional clothing for men and women, as well as the use of sewing machines, hand embroidery of pieces, cross stitches, or the realization of complete traditional clothing.

At the opening and closing of this workshop on September 16, Susana Machin, Counselor of Handicrafts of the Cabildo de la Palma, was present, where she reiterated that this new training made it possible to know, value and appreciate. Craftsmanship of the traditional dress trade, that is why it is necessary to continue its dissemination to avoid its extinction“.

Saray Dominguez, Councilor for Crafts of the Tijarafe City Council, for his part, suggests that “we continue to bet on the training of craft trades, which, over the years, have lagged behind the advancement of technology and its implementation in the world. Work, but which, without a doubt “.

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