Unity and Heart of the Mountain

Numbers often clarify the execution of a particular job, but Limiting the work of the Civil Guard to simple figures means skirting the enormous human, supportive and emotional component its men and women display. In the case of the Mountain Service, moreover, it would be inappropriate to stick to these figures because of the obvious danger of this activity and the logical discomfort that exposure to this danger might produce in fathers, mothers, partners or children. We are talking about saving lives, people, and that can never be reflected in statistics in all its magnitude.

Ensuring the safety of the people is the reason for the Civil Guard Since its origin in 1844, it has been in even the most remote places imaginable. Even on top of a mountain, no matter how far away. More than half a century ago, a dedicated service was created to meet these needs, with the first units of skiers-climbers in the Pyrenees, the Cantabrian system, the Central system and the Sierra Morena aiming to help the increasingly injured or lost. Outdoor activities in these harsh areas. Up to that moment, notifications of accidents were made at posts, attended to them with the means at their disposal, and since then, from the seed with which everything began, The service is adapting to new demands with utmost professionalism.

Over the last 40 years, women and men The Mountain Service has rescued about 25,000 people who were unprotected and 15,000 who were injured. Actions have been conducted with more than 3,200 casualty, painful situations where agents’ efforts, support and empathy have tried to minimize the impact of the loss of a loved one on families. I insist that the statistics give an idea of ​​the enormity of this task, but let’s also think about the individual stories and emotions behind each rescue.

Numbers illustrate the execution of a specific job on many occasions, but limiting the work of the Civil Guard to simple statistics means skirting the enormous human, supportive and emotional component its men and women display.

The large number of people who travel to the mountains on weekends and vacation periods, for leisure or sports, on some high-risk occasions, forces the Civil Guard to maintain and update a deployment that can be deployed in any area where it is needed. allows access. but itThe main greatness of this service is found in the training and technical and human preparation of the components From various mountain rescue and intervention groups, distributed across the national geography. It is this training, specialization and dedication to public service that guarantees success in caring for those at risk, who are sure that the Civil Guard is always there to help. So much so, that this institution is most valued by the population of our country, and that trust is not possible without the efforts of its men and women.

The professionalism and efforts of the agents are well known by those who love this environment, and the work of this service has undoubtedly contributed to creating the safety culture that the country suffered after the boom in outdoor activities in the 70s and 80s. of the last century. Advice for fans, the humane treatment and affection of the mountains and the environment of the Civil Guard They have largely served to educate the population to respect an environment that can sometimes be quite hostile.

This recognition of the Mountain Service cannot be limited to the more than 320 men and women currently in it or those who have worn this uniform and given their best for nearly 60 years. It should be extensible to more people. I am referring to other Civil Guard colleagues without whose help this rescue work would not be possible, especially from the Air Service, but also to the health workers of the autonomous communities with whom there is a cooperation agreement that contributes to providing medical and quality. Victims, thus increasing their chances of coming out of the danger situation unscathed. This recognition should also extend to the emergency teams, volunteer civil defense personnel and professional mountaineers who provide great support when their cooperation is needed.

I cannot end without remembering and paying tribute to all the Civil Guard personnel who have given their lives caring for others in the highest and highest part of our region. They are the ones who guide the steps of mountain service men and women at the darkest moment of the night and at the highest point of the mountain so that everyone, civil guards and mountain lovers, can return home ‘without novelty’. Because this job is all about statistics, but above all there is unity, professionalism and heart.

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